The Best Pizza Isn’t From Chicago Or New York

The Best Pizza Isn't From Chicago Or New York

Generally speaking, pizza is universally loved. The mouth watering quartet of dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings create a symphony of flavor that tantalizes the taste-buds. Each unique ingredient shining through with its own robust flavor, yet still able to blend together to give us the sole flavor of pizza. A flavor so popular that we now even find it available with Goldfish, Pringles, Combos, and other various snack foods alike.

However, when it comes where the best pizza is from an obvious schism ensues. Dating all the way back to when Martin Luther post his 95 theses on the Wittenberg Castle church declaring the best pizza was indeed made by protestants, many more rifts have followed.

New Yorkers will claim that the best pizza is at the S’barro on 8th avenue. Chicagoans will fervently defend their tomato pie, the deep dish pizza. And every single person who went to Mizzou or resides in St. Louis will tell you IMO’s pizza is the best slice you’ll find in the states.

I’m here to tell you they’re all dead wrong. Sure, they’ll all come out of the woodwork to vivaciously defend their own style of pizza, but most of them are just self-righteous assholes ignorant to the fact that the best pizza is actually from Delaware.

Yes, I said Delaware.

And it couldn’t be from anywhere else but the legendary Grotto’s in Delaware, specifically the one located in Dewey Beach, just blocks from the world’s greatest rock and roll bar, Bottle & Cork.

While many may think, “Where the fuck is Delaware?” or have some of the other signature state foods come to mind like Thrasher’s beach fries or Capriotti’s signature sub dubbed, “The Bobbie,” it’s actually Grotto’s that makes Delaware the best spot for pizza in the US, and quite possibly the world.

Grotto’s freshly made hand-tossed dough, paired with their signature sauce, and the iconic hypnotic cheesy spiral finishing off this pie is a culinary masterpiece that has been one of Delaware’s hidden culinary treasures (and probably not for long after people read this).

The pie is so good they literally adorn it on a silver platter. When you finally rip the first delicious slice off, you’ll see a cascade of fresh mozzarella cheese as you lift it in the air that would make the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s shed tears of literal joy. Then, when you finally taste this delicious combination of cheese, sauce, and perfect crust you’ll realize you’ve finally found pizza nirvana.


When you put all of the factors together alongside the culinary superiority of a Grotto’s pie, like the late night beach ambiance, and zero taxes, you get a true American pizza experience that our forefathers would have swooned over.

In a day and age where anyone can get on a computer and type out a few hundred words, there are plenty of pizza opinions floating out around on the web. However, almost all of them are just a testimony of the writer’s own confirmation bias about their own region’s style or variation of pizza. Because, “When people hear or read something they like, they tend to believe those words over anything with actual empirical data to support it.”

And even with that being said, people will still make a point to comment on here proclaiming the best pizza is actually at some random pizza shop close to their home town or in the city they transplanted to. All without ever actually trying the legendary taste of the world’s best pizza, Grotto’s.

But just like pineapple on pizza, they’re wrong.

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