Some Dude Unplugged The Water Cooler At His Office And Got Tossed In The Frying Pan

Do you have any fat, lazy, entitled coworkers in your office? Because I bet you’re going to appreciate them a little bit more after reading the sign that some guy put on his offices water cooler. On occasion I have sympathy for people. This, however, will not be one of those times.

Some Dude Unplugged The Water Cooler At His Office And Got Roasted

Everyone has personal preferences and if you’re giving this guy the benefit of the doubt, maybe he has sensitive teeth. But passive aggressively posting a sign on the office water cooler about how he likes his water at room temperature, and therefore, should be allowed to keep the water cooler unplugged, is downright absurd. Like, come on, man. I’m really sorry you have to BEND OVER to unplug the machine that gives you cold, filtered water that some people would kill you to have, but you’re just going to have to deal with leaving it plugged in.

First of all, who likes to drink room temperature water? That’s psychotic. People drink room temperature water on accident. Like after a night of heavy drinking maybe you find a half drunken water bottle laying on the floor and cringe as you gulp it down. Rodeo cool water is disgusting, but more importantly, who the hell does this guy think he is? Is he a V.P. or just a low-level schlub? I have to assume he’s one of those characters who sits in the back corner and doesn’t talk to anyone. Whoever markered in “BUT 90% of everyone else likes it chilled!!!” deserves a raise. I also like the “Get over yourself!!” in the upper left hand corner of the page. Very solid roast.

I notice that the coward didn’t even sign the piece of paper which could mean that nobody knows who did this, although I highly doubt it. A man or woman who likes his water at room temperature gives themselves away immediately. There’s just no way this guy or girl isn’t the weirdest motherfucker in the office. Hopefully the guy who wrote this has been outed and is now a pariah. Room-temperature water. What an asshole.

[via Elite Daily]

Image via Indy 100

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