So That High Speed Chase In LA Was Really Somethin

When I got home from work yesterday, I parked my ass in my recliner and refused to turn on the TV. My wallet was crying and mourning after Rickie Fowler’s round yesterday. As I was scrolling through Twitter killing time, I came across a live stream of a high-speed police chase in downtown LA. I clicked on it because why not, but it soon turned into 2 hours of entertainment.

Two dudes, wanted for burglary, took a Mustang convertible for a joy ride yesterday. They didn’t seem to be very scared either. These guys were cruising down the street and put the top down on the convertible. Probably not smart to reveal your faces when you’ve got helicopters chasing you, but these dudes didn’t care. They were hanging out the side of the car and waving at people, the helicopters, everybody. As if they weren’t getting enough attention. The guys stop in the middle of the road and start doing donuts.

All sorts of power moves, really sticking it to the man. These guys continued back up into the hills, down into Hollywood, right through all the tourists. Soon, everyone knew what was going on and people were cheering these guys on.

Imagine you’re at happy hour with the bros and you’re watching some police chase on TV when all of a sudden the suspects come flying by waving at everybody. It’s lit. The best was yet to come. Soon our superstars headed back to their neighborhood. They stopped a few times to let the police catch up, then they finally parked out in the street in front of all the homies. No, I’m serious. They just pulled up and waited for the cops with all their friends watching.

Just chilling, making some calls, dapping the squad up, not giving a single fuck. You’ve gotta respect these guys for pure balls of steel.

These guys didn’t care about getting arrested or anything, they just wanted some attention. Soon the police showed up and there was actually a really simple arrest with no conflict. Their two hours of fame were over, and now these guys are sitting in jail with 5-figure bonds. Twitter of course blew up about the chase and made it very entertaining.

Shout-out to these guys for showing us how to have a good time and not give one damn about the consequences.

[via ABC]

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