Random People Share Stories About How They Were Fired On Their First Day Of Work

Random People Share Stories About How They Were Fired On Their First Day Of Work

Getting fired is brutal. Getting fired on your first day? Well, I thought that was damn near impossible. Apparently, I was wrong.

I’ve been fired before. Once. When I was 16. I had been working at a local pizza place for almost three weeks when I was canned. RUMOR has it, I was fired because I kept dipping my fingers in the ranch dressing and licking them. That was not the case. It was because of that AND I never showed up to work on time. They told me if I didn’t show up for work early one Friday, I shouldn’t ever come back.

I’ve never been back.

These stories are a lot worse than mine, because unlike jobs, these people saw their careers go up in flames within 24 hours.

From the gift that keeps on giving, Reddit Dot Com:

They called me and told me I was let go for not showing up on my first day. Which was a surprise for me since at no point after the interview had I been told that I’d been hired.

At least you can at it to the rés.

Not me, but I got my roommate a job with my company after he graduated from the same school with the same degree I had. He graduated a semester later and due to my internship with the company I was able to “put in a good word” for him. He worked as a contractor for a few months until he finally landed a full time position. He and I were living together again so we would drive in together. On his first day, he was called into a meeting. Fifteen minutes into the meeting, our manager came out and asked me to drive him home. Wouldn’t say why. Found out they believed he faked his diploma as it read “awarded posthumously” (after death). He was obviously alive and I watched him take and pass most of his classes. Turns out the school fucked up and he’s getting some big settlement out of it.

Serious question: Have any of your employers ever actually asked to physically see your diploma?

Worked at Pita Pit in college for a day. About halfway through my first shift, the manager asks if I have a car. I said yes, why? He said I had to go get it and deliver for him til close because the driver he was into called out because she was too hungover (She said this on speaker in front of like half of the people waiting in line and everyone else who was working). If I didn’t, he said I was fired. He also told me I had to pay for my own gas and give all tips to him since I was still making 8.20 an hour instead of the 4.50 the drivers made plus tips. He handed me seven bags and a list of mapquest directions to them, three of the deliveries 10+ miles away (Furthest being 17 miles in the middle of fucking nowhere Pennsylvania that just screamed DELIVERANCE RAPE SCENE).

Boss called me not even 15 minutes later screaming at me for not making all of the deliveries yet and said that once I came back and gave him his tips, I was fired. With five deliveries left to go, I said “Fuck it” and went to my friends place with the rest of the food.

Fuck that manager.

Would have done the same thing.

I showed up and the guy that was supposed to train me got fired. No one else was available to train me apparently, so they told me I was no longer needed. I was to young to put up a fight, or ask for any alternatives.

Rough start to the day.

Failed the mandatory “new hire drug test”

I’ve never done drugs…

Sure you haven’t…

Got hired. Day 1 after orientation, got desk set up, boss walked in and told us this branch was closing, dont come tomorow.

Got 2 months severance pay.

This is the dream.

Put unleaded gas into a diesel truck.

That’ll do it.

Not me but a guy I knew.

I work in the Oilfield. New guy comes in on night shift. I tell him to go check the giant oil tank to see how full it is, it’s a tank as big as a house. He looks down inside it, and uses HIS FUCKING LIGHTER to get light…

Nobody was killed, his job was eliminated for safety reasons.

Darwinism should have taken effect.

Just started a new job and a guy on my training group on the first day started offering people LSD. He didn’t have a second day.

Always wait until the second week before you start offering your coworkers drugs.

The police came and arrested him for his involvement with a stabbing at a night club the previous week. In his defense I saw his application and he mentioned that as the reason he got fired from his last job, so it wasn’t a surprise.

If your employer hires someone who was fired from their last job due to a “stabbing incident,” it’s time to find a new employer.

Not me…but happened when I was working at McDonalds. New guy came in and when he saw that we were trashing patties if they had been sitting too long, he ate one…then he started just eating them from the supply…dude must have inhaled 10-12 patties over a couple hours after repeatedly being told to stop. Eventually, he started making himself a burger with the buns and eating it as well. Got fired first day on the job.
I’m still convinced he had no real plans of working and just wanted to see how many free burgers he could eat before getting canned.


So I worked on Wall Street and we had a rigorous hiring process. Almost 3,4 rounds for an entry level MIS position. So it took about 6,8 weeks to find someone and he started. After the introduction he started training and mind you we stay fucking late, 12 hour shifts. So he’s training non-stop for the day and slowly everyone is trickling out. I’m assuming he was the last person to leave because when I came in I saw an email around midnight saying “y’all mother fuckers are crazy and this place will kill you all in a month, I’m out”
Talk of the floor for about a month and ironically some people quit because he was actually right. I’ll never forget it

That’s a quitting story, but still gold.

To read more incredible one day firing stories, visit the original thread HERE.

[via Reddit]

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