New Year’s Eve Sucks, But Not Having A Plan Sucks More

New Year's Eve Sucks, But Not Having A Plan Sucks More

It is already December 30th. Unfortunately, that means New Year’s Eve is only one day away. I say unfortunately because with less than 48 hours to go until the end of the trash year that 2016 has been, my group still doesn’t have a plan to celebrate the festivities. And I’m worried.

Look, I know that NYE is overrated. It’s expensive, obnoxious and usually ends up being a clusterfuck. Last year my group barely made it to the bars before midnight because the pregame was too strong, and the night ended with my friend receiving a nice credit card Uber charge of $100 for a less than 5 minute ride due to price surging. The year before, someone forgot their ID and we were forced to practice the time honored tradition of passing back someone else’s ID to get her in the door. And the year before that I made the wise choice to ignore the fact that I had to be at work at 8 a.m. on Jan 1st, and I ended up oversleeping my alarms and showing up 2 hours late to the job I had had for only a couple weeks while debating if I was still drunk.

Despite these incidents, every year I maintain high hopes to have a fantastic night out ending with a magical kiss at midnight. And by magical kiss I mean drunken make-out with a stranger. Or three strangers like occurred two years ago. Maybe it’s because I like the sparkle, the glitter, and the chance to get all dolled up even if we are just binge drinking at the same bar we go to every week. Maybe it’s because I feel like I need an excuse to chug cheap champagne while I ignore my negative realist thoughts about the future. Whatever the reason, is it too much to ask for one night’s plans to come together without stress or drama or someone getting pissed off? Our usual group is a semi-manageable number of six. This year, however, with some friends visiting from out of town our total has reached ten. Ten is too many. How the hell are we going to make ten people agree on what to do? It’s not like a birthday where one person gets dictatorship ruling due to it being their day.

A house party has been previously vetoed for a few reasons, so now we have the conundrum of where we want our alcohol infused veil of a fresh start to occur. Of course there are a couple girls who say they don’t care where we go, but based on previous experience, they end up getting bitchy and sulky when we end up somewhere that isn’t their scene. I have been informed that the out-of-towners are the type to break away from the group without much warning, so really I could care less about their input. Now ideally, the location should be close enough to the pregame spot that we won’t destroy our wallets on Uber. Never mind that ten people can’t fit in one car. Let’s call that my wishful fantasy NYE thinking. And add into the equation that half the group prefers the low-key hipster bar scene while the other half really just wants to dance. I know, I know, it’s a losing battle. Although someone did just chime into the group chat saying “We all like each other so no matter what we do it’ll be fun!” Idiot.

I love my friends, but we all know someone isn’t going to be a happy camper once Saturday night comes. Personally, I know I’ll be drunk and thus doing just fine. But until then I’ll be trapped in group chat limbo with some side text conversations bashing the suggestions as we all attempt to reach a consensus that doesn’t piss the majority off. That being said, I can only hope that you have your NYE plans, or lack thereof, already locked in at this late stage of the game. You are a more fortunate soul than I. Just know that your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

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