Make It A Gin And Tonic

Make It A Gin And Tonic

Not long ago, PGP legend and hole-in-one aspirer @WillDeFries penned this gem about what a man’s drink choice says about him. Most of the time, I’m a #MargLife kind of guy, but that doesn’t mean I’m totally exclusive to my sweet tequila laden mistress, Miss Margarita.

Miss Margarita and I are most certainly in one of those weird “Open Relationships.” She hasn’t sat me down to have the “What are we?” talk yet, and because she’s a “just fun” kind of girl, she never will. So, on those rare occasions when I’m not donning Hawaiian shirts and the classic yet comfortable pair of ‘bows (Available at Man Outfitters here), I can be seen with another great summertime classic drink in my left hand, and like a few Saturday nights, my right hand too…

I saw the comments section. You all had some solid input with classic choices ranging from Wild Turkey and Mt. Dew (I highly recommend you try Whiskey Surges, sir), a range of fine bourbons and whiskeys, neat or on the rocks, champagne campaigns, and even my wallet’s fiscal favorite, the “whatever’s on special.” One drink really stood out to me, though. I’m talking about none other than the Gin and Tonic. I know more than a few readers out there will appreciate the crisp yet refreshing allure of the #GandT because it really is a solid summertime drink.

My love affair with the Gin and Tonic starts back really early as this classic cocktail was (and still is) my pop’s drink of choice growing up, and I may or may not have tried a sip when he wasn’t looking at that family barbecue years ago. However, we took an extremely long break, didn’t talk for years, until we re-met after college and rekindled our long lost love for a summertime romance that I’ve kept going with every year when the time is right.

Now I’m sure you’re asking, “When’s the best time to enjoy a G&T, Shibbs?”

Well, for me, it’s got to have a few distinct factors to go order a few rounds of the G&T. The first factor is that I have to be doing something active that day. Whether I’m humble-bragging on Facebook about a run, hiking, riding the SUP, or working up a sweat going coast to coast in Men’s League, a huge thirst ensues (mainly because I sweat… like a lot… they call me puddles at the gym 🙁 )

Secondly, it has got to be hot. For me to maximize my enjoyment of the refreshing G&T, it has to be a day where I’m legitimately looking for something to quench my thirst and sobriety. My normal go to is an ice-cold beer or margarita, but on the really hot days when I’m particularly parched and have worked up a good sweat, I ask for that G&T with lemon and lime (maybe a splash of sprite). There’s just something special about the flavor of the gin, slight carbonation with the tonic, and that hint of citrus that gives me a totally refreshing, thirst-quenching (read: buzz) feel with the G&T. In order to show you how this feels, and because I’m a hack writer who can’t quite articulate it into words, here’s an Archer Gif to visually demonstrate how refreshing a G&T can be when out in the dry summertime heat and being semi-active.

See that pure look of joy and the “ahhhh” moment after finishing that refreshing cocktail? That’s what it feels like to take advantage of a glorious opportunity to throw back a few G&T on a hot day. I’m also 100 percent certain that the tonic water in a G&T helps keep you hydrated, so you can either recover without that late evening hangover feel and still enjoy a chill summer night, or keep raging.

The G&T mindset

I’m not going to lie to you: when I have a nice G&T in a highball or old fashioned glass, I feel upscale, elegant, and fancy as fuck. There’s something special about it that makes me feel like I’m not wearing a Haggar button down from Kohls and Target brand khakis. It almost makes me feel like I could afford those Gold Cup Sperrys. Maybe even start balling out on a #GoldCupLife level everyday and forget I overdrafted at Seacrets during the SOJA show last month.

So, next time you’re out on the greens, being active, or even dying of thirst from the walk from your car to the bar on that particularly dry hot summer day, do yourself a favor, switch it up a bit and go for that alcoholic thirst quencher: The G&T.

Just make sure the next time you and your friends talk about going through a dry spell this summer, it’s with Gin.

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