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Hey Dillon, big fan of the mailbag. I was just wondering what your thoughts are on Dallas are for a young professional. Nightlife, dating scene, ect. Thanks!

I’ve never been into the Dallas vibe. The young professionals there are a little too self-important and uppity for my taste. Dallas is the epicenter for the terms “thirty thousand dollar millionaire” or “credit card millionaire.” It basically means they’re all too concerned with upholding a certain lifestyle or status even if they have to live well beyond their means.

The nightlife is decent in parts, though. I can’t speak to the dating scene.

Hey Dillon, big fan of the podcasts. I was going through some old Backdoor Cover episodes and I heard that you transferred from Texas State after 3 years. I am considering doing something similar and I was wondering how the process went for you. I really think I need a change of scenery but it would mean leaving behind my pledge brothers and getting acclimated to a new school. Thanks in advance for any response you give.

I did it for academic purposes, but, to be fair, I was over the fraternity scene by my junior year. I had a ton of great friends I was leaving behind but I could miss the remainder of the fraternity events and parties and tailgates and meetings and pledge lineups and never look back.

Having said that, transferring colleges sucks. I started at St. Edward’s with the sole purpose of finishing school as quickly as possible so I’d never have to set foot in a classroom again. I got a degree I’m proud of from a good school and that’s all I ever wanted out of St. Ed’s. The social scene there looked like trash from the little I paid attention to it. It felt like a 13th grade vibe, like everyone there was still in high school and never wanted to leave. It sucked. Again, though, I never tried to make a single friend there and I was pretty successful at it.

I’m not sure if that’s helpful or not.

Who is your favorite Seinfeld character and why? Mine is George

Appreciate you standing up for Seinfeld, especially vs a middle tier sitcom like Frasier. Would love to hear you and Dave do the full debate on Touching Base. Should be an easy win for you.

George Costanza is not only my favorite Seinfeld character; I think he’s the greatest sitcom character we’ve ever seen. I just went to YouTube to pull a good example of Costanza at his best but I couldn’t settle on one to share here.

Frasier is trash. Gun to his head, deFries might even agree.

What’s poppin slime?

Been getting into the Ranch Water life after seeing you mention it several times lately. Never ordered it at a bar, so I haven’t seen the de facto recipe. What’s the best way?

I’ve never actually made one myself but it’s just tequila, mineral water (Topo Chico), and lime. Salted rim. I don’t think the ratio of tequila to mineral water matters much since the restaurant in Austin that serves it as their signature drink gives you a bottle of Topo Chico that you use to continuously dilute the tequila as you drink it down.

They’re so good.


I am just getting out of a six month relationship with a girl because she found out I slept with someone else during the “what are we” phase.

Not excusing it, but long story short, we struggled to define the relationship and I felt like she was being flakey. I was out one night not looking for trouble, but things happen. And it did.

This brings me to my question: are there rules for this phase? As adults in their mid-20s, does there need to be an establishment of “yes we are officially a couple”?

This is a tough one, but I think the general rule is if it feels like what you’re doing is wrong, then it probably is. Will sleeping with another person upset the girl you’re kind of dating? Yeah, it will, even if no official rules have been established. In a court of law, you’re being acquitted because you did nothing technically wrong. A girl’s brain is no court of law, though. In her mind, you’re doing life in the clink.

Having a discussion about the terms of a relationship is always good once the time is right, but that doesn’t mean you’re free to do whatever it is you want until it happens. Depending on the nature of the “relationship,” of course.

Hey Dillon,

I’m few years into post-college “adult” dating, and I’ve found it more and more challenging to think of the right 2nd and 3rd date ideas. A few years back, I’d pull the drinks move two or three times in a row, no wonder why I’m still single…but like most, I kill it with the “lets meet up for a few drinks” date. I feel like as the women I date get older, they’re more serious and the date solely over drinks can’t be a consecutive thing. I had a great first date last week (over drinks) and need to follow up soon. I don’t want to do dinner as sometimes it seems too serious and forced with someone I barely know and have no idea where it’s heading. Dinner’s always a toss-up on the fun scale as well. Doing an activity together is a nice idea, but they’re hard to think of and I’d prefer to have a slight buzz. What are some of your go-to date ideas post first date?

I go drinks for one or two dates and then it’s dinner and drinks after that. That’s as creative as I get, to be honest. Dinner can be awkward because you’re facing each other and the conversation can feel forced at times, but it’s something you have to do. Everybody likes to eat.

Top Golf is a great date spot because they have food, a bar, and you’re doing a fun activity that will keep the convo naturally flowing. A dine-in movie theater is a good one, too.

Also maybe I’m not the best at planning dates.


The more questions I receive, the better this series is going to be, so send me your Mailbag questions to and please put “Mailbag” in the subject line.

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