Let’s Talk About #Makerslife

Let's Talk About #Makerslife

As we approach old age, there are some things in life that we just have to cling to. You know what I’m talking about; You grow up, you get married, you have kids, and suddenly, you’re an old man. The point here is that life moves quickly once you graduate from college, but there is one staple that will always be near and dear to the heart of every man who enjoys a glass of the good stuff. I call this #Makerslife.

You see, drinking is awesome. We all know this. However, we all also understand that as we get older, our abilities to drink like we once did become more and more scarce. We have responsibilities, spouses, jobs, and even kids. At a certain point, the opportunity to go out and rip happy hour with your colleagues goes away, or at the very least, dwindles. You need to be home taking care of your children, unless you’re like my father who was a philandering sociopath for the entirety of his fatherly career.

I digress.

In these moments, there will always be #Makerslife:

∙Have a few minutes to spare right when you get home before the wife gets home and you just want to relax? Maker’s.

∙Having a rough day, and you want to kick your lunch up just a little tiny bit? Maker’s

∙Just got done putting your kids to bed and want to relax with a great book and a cigar for an hour? Maker’s

∙Accomplished something great, but truly understand that you don’t need to be congratulated? Maker’s

We all know these types of moments. They are the moments where getting intoxicated is rather inappropriate, but the desire of sweet relaxation is too much to suppress. At a certain point, we all have to accept that this will be our reality, and it’s really not depressing because at this stage, you’ve made it. You’ve found a beautiful woman that you love, and hopefully, she loves you too. You have children that you love more than anything in the world, and you would lay down your life to give them a better life than you had. You have a career that you don’t hate (or, you know, maybe you do), and you just feel complete. Drinking to excess would be to escape these things, and why bother with that? You have what you have, and you’ve done what you’ve done.

That is what #Makerslife is all about. You’ve reached the peak. You no longer need to mash in order to feel happy, because everything has worked itself out, just like you always hoped it would. #Makerslife is what we all strive for, and it’s what we work tirelessly every day for shitty pay to achieve. Some are born with the financial ability to live this life right out the gate. I envy them. For the rest of us, we work. Every day, often with shitty pay. We do our best, we pay our dues, we kiss the right asses, and in the end, it brings us here. We become the men we always said we would be: present, supportive, and positive.


We still deserve a drink every once in a while. We deserve that place we can call our own for the little amount of time that we have. Buzzed enough to be introspective, sober enough to be the rock we are supposed to be. That is #Makerslife, and to everyone currently living it, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, we salute you. To those that aren’t, remember: everything works out for the best in the end, and if hasn’t yet worked out, it’s not yet the end.

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