Kim Jong-un’s Ban On Sarcasm Step In Right Direction For North Korea

Kim Jong-un's Ban On Sarcasm Step In Right Direction For North Korea

In a move which should surprise no one, Kim Jong-un recently decided that forbidding people from making sarcastic remarks about him or his regime in everyday conversations would make the people malleable. More subservient. Just better North Koreans. But how is North Korea’s top brass supposed to be able to distinguish what is sarcasm and what is genuine commentary?

In theory, it sounds easy, but in a backwards ass country like North Korea, I could see this whole thing becoming convoluted very quickly. It appears that Jong-un has lost some control over his people. Jong-il is probably rolling over in his grave. So disappointing to see a son fail to live up to his father’s expectations.

Officials told people that sarcastic expressions such as “This is all America’s fault” would constitute unacceptable criticism of the regime.

But isn’t this what the North Korean government preaches day in and day out to its citizens? I thought that North Koreans were taught to believe that “the west” is responsible for all evils in the world and citizens who live under the mighty Kim Jong-un are the luckiest people on Earth. Jong-un seems to be a little confused. And someone must be smuggling in internet access for the common laborers in N.K. because this kind of behavior would be unheard of under Jong-un’s father’s watch.

Another mocking expression, “A fool who cannot see the outside world,” was also said to be circulating in the totalitarian state, referring to the country’s notoriously isolationist leader.

You have to better than this. You can’t have the peasants rising up and making sarcastic comments about their leader. One minute it’s sarcasm and the next thing you know they’re storming the castle gates and screaming “REVOLUTION!” at the top of their lungs. So despite the fact that Jong-un thinks banning sarcasm in the streets will stop it from happening, I think what it’s actually going to do is make the people far less obedient than they’ve ever been. Maybe this is the beginning of the end of North Korea as we know it.

[via Independent]

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