It’s Hard To Fake It On Twitter, And That’s Why It’s The Best

It's Hard To Fake It On Twitter, And That's Why It's The Best

You can tell a lot about a person by the kind of image they portray on social media. Nowadays, we meet someone new, and the first thing we do is check out what kind of ‘tent they’re putting out there. We have a lot to choose from as far as social media platforms go. We’ve got our frontrunners like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But we also have tumblr, personal blogs, and even the illustrious LinkedIn. A combination of any of these can give you a decent idea about the type of person you’re working with, but I’m here to tell you that Twitter is King.

Twitter is by far my own personal favorite form of social media, and that’s because it can’t be faked. “Can’t be faked,” you say, “Whatever do you mean?”

I mean that you can’t pull the wool over your followers’ eyes on Twitter. Whereas Instagram is carefully curated, with perfect angles and filters, meant to display your favorite and best version of yourself, Twitter is #unfiltered. We all know someone who is in reality, shallow or unintelligent, perhaps a combination of the two- but still has 2.5K followers on Instagram because they are posting either shirtless ab pics or are one bikini malfunction away from #freethenipple. And you know what? There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. You do you. I’m probably not gonna throw you a follow, but that’s my prerogative. On Twitter, you can’t hide behind “candid” photos of you double fisting margs in Cabo. It’s all exposed.

To a certain extent, Instagram cannot be trusted. If you’ve tuned in to Touching Base (shame on you if you haven’t), you’re well aware of the Facetune predicament. Personally, I’ve never used the app, but I can tell you that I know multiple people on my IG feeds who are overdoing it on both the smoothing and the teeth whitening feature. This is a really stupid thing to do, because people know you don’t look like that in real life, and misrepresenting yourself might be one of the reasons you’re getting ghosted after your Bumble dates. Instagram is fun, but it doesn’t truly capture the personality of a person. This is where Twitter reigns above all.

I’ve had a Twitter since freshman year of college. I barely used it at first, and picked it back up junior year when I transferred to Alabama to document my journey as a sorority girl in a college town. Very original, I know. Since then, it has become my favorite form of social media. I even went through a phase during college where I created a fake parody account for my University President, which within my two years of attending, gained traction to the tune of 12K followers. #humblebrag. Twitter is the perfect outlet to keep people in the loop on your day-to-day grind, and vice versa.

Facebook attempts to do this, but Facebook is also junk. I’m Facebook friends with people who I haven’t talked to in probably 3-4 years, family members above the age of 60, and people I probably met once in college. On top of that, so many people have gotten married, that some names pop up on my timeline and my initial reaction is “Who the heck are you?” I only use Facebook for essential groups and updates, but it’s not my right-hand or my go-to, for the latest and greatest info.

Twitter is timely. It’s where I find out some of the most hard-hitting news, within 5 minutes of it being released to the world. It’s a source of unending crying-Jordan memes, and the same place where I witnessed the video of the frat boy dropping it like it’s hot, which resulted in his junk busting through the seam of his pants. It’s where I discovered that Drizzy is dropping Views on 4/29. That information is key.

You can really tell a lot about a person by their Twitter feed. To me, followers mean a lot more in the Twitterverse than they do anywhere else. One bad “Bush did 9/11” tweet can lose you some followers pretty rapidly if you’re not careful. Every time I talk shit about Johnny Manziel, I lose some. That’s just the price you pay for playing the game. Just don’t fly too close to the sun and joke about breastfeeding, deFries can attest to that one from personal experience.

In conclusion, Twitter is the best place to keep in touch, stay in the loop on news (it’s the playoffs, after all), and present an accurate version of yourself. If your Twitter feed doesn’t give me a chuckle, hard pass on a second date, pal. And I readily accept the same judgment. Currently, I’ve got around 10.6K tweets, which I now realize is just a lot of evidence that could potentially be held against me in a court-of-law one day. Meh, damage has already been done. See you guys on the web.

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