If Your Sex Life Was Traded On The Stock Market


The stock market can be cruel and unpredictable. Unless you’re willing to do a lot of research, and are able to stick with it when the market tumbles, it’s hard out there for the general folk to make any significant money in the market. But what if I introduced a stock that every single one of us is akin to? I’m talking about our sex lives. What if our sex life was a publicly traded company? How can we profit off of it? I’m here to bring you the foolproof guide to making cold, hard cash off your sexy time.

When To Buy

Just Ended A Relationship

Some of you might be wondering why on earth I would be telling you to buy the stock when you’re most likely going to be going on a dry spell that could last until you finally decide to hop on Bumble/Tinder and test the waters again. It’s simple. You’re at a low point right now. Your nights will most likely end with a box of Goldfish and your right hand. But it’s a perfect opportunity. There is blood in the streets and you’re ready to turn a quick buck once you get your edge back.

Started Working Out Again

So you finally decided to get back in shape. Listen, I’ve been there. When I tore my rotator cuff, I let myself go pre-surgery and post-surgery. I was a shell of my former self and the ladies weren’t digging it. So I decided to take back the reigns and whip myself into shape. Getting back into shape takes some time, but once it starts to show, the opposite sex is going to be all over you. This one is definitely a long play that will pay off handsomely.

Moved To A New City

Whether it’s a job transfer, a new job, or just moving for a fresh start, you’re not going to know anyone. Not knowing anyone is going to have a negative effect on your sex life, which makes this the perfect time to buy. As soon as you get to your new destination, you’ll start getting acclimated to the scene until all of a sudden you’re on a hot streak that can’t be stopped and you’re making it rain fun coupons on all everybody.

When To Sell

On A Hot Streak

You’ve been crushing it for a while now. It seems that every weekend, you’re rolling in the sheets with someone new (or old). As the laws of physics state though, what goes up must come down. Your hot streak will eventually come to an end. You can only ride the wave for so long before it comes crashing down in your face. So go ahead and sell off your shares now while the market is hot.

Boy’s/Girl’s Weekend

Look, I get it. Your friends want to go out and have some fun. You think that means meeting boys/girls and possibly making a little bit of sexy time. The reality is that you and your friends are too busy getting your drink on, talking about the good times, and members of the opposite sex are on the backburner. Plus, you have the whole logistics game. If you’re rolling with a squad 5-deep, you have to find an opposite gender squad equal to that. Your stock will plummet during this weekend. Especially if it’s a getaway weekend.

Not a terrible straddle option on the off chance you do get some.

Just Got Married

I mean, your sex life is basically done after the honeymoon. Might be time to delist it all together.

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