Here Are A Bunch Of Unethical (And Probably Illegal) Life Hacks That Make All Too Much Sense

Here Are A Bunch Of Unethical (And Probably Illegal) Life Hacks That Make All Too Much Sense

Reddit is a treasure trove of information. I’m 90% sure the information on Reddit alone will get either Adnan or Steven Avery out of jail. It’s only a matter of time.

But while most of the information I read on Reddit is completely and utterly useless, a recent AskReddit was filled with shit that made me think, “Huh, this might be illegal, but it’s too good of an idea not to try.” So if there’s a few days where I’m not posting a lot, it’s probably because Dave is bailing me out of jail for trying to pinch a few pennies.

Here are the best of the best.

When I was running low on food, I would eat the free breakfast at the hotel 2 minutes from my apartment.

Well yeah, hardly anyone from the actual hotel eats those breakfasts anyway so the food is just going to waste. It’s your civic duty to eat that food.

This won’t apply to all parking garages BUT I used to park at one where, right before I paid my ticket at that vending-machine-type doohickey, I would walk back to the entrance gate, press the button for another ticket and pay instead with the new one. I would be charged according to my stay of 30 seconds (when in reality I had been there for hours).

Ohhh, so you’re the sketchy scumbag taking the good spots while I’m the guy driving in endless circles around that concrete maze.

If you unplug the Ethernet cable from a Coinstar machine, it won’t charge a commission.

If you’re cheap enough to use a Coinstar machine, you’re probably cheap enough to unplug the machine and avoid a commission.

The best public bathrooms in a city are in the expensive hotels

My uncle poops at a five-star hotel every day on his way to work. I’m weirdly jealous and look up to him for it.

This one isn’t really illegal, but if you go to Dunkin Donuts about 30 min before closing time, they will give you all their leftover donuts if you ask. If you don’t, they just throw them away…

I’ve always said to myself, “Man, where can I get the most donuts for the least amount of money?” Problem. Solved.

If you want to slack off at work, slack off but act annoyed/frustrated around your boss which will give the impression you’re working hard. That came from George Costanza and it hasn’t failed me yet.

If you didn’t know about this one going in, you’re just lost.

By adding a random one-way third leg onto a round-trip flight, you can sometimes fool the airline into dropping the fuel charges that usually add $300-400 onto the ticket. It’s called a “fuel dump” by frequent fliers.

Just be careful, or a United Airlines flight attendant may try to end your life.

Buy an eBook on amazon, turn in into a epub with calibre, which creates another copy, then return the book. I’ve only ever used this for university textbooks. Those guys deserve it for the prices they put up.

What are you talking about? University books are incredibly reasonable. I always wanted to spend $250 on an Intro To Women’s Studies book.

You can use an empty Visa Rewards Bank Card to make in-flight purchases. The cards cannot be run while in flight so all transactions are completed once you land, so you can receive any item you want for free. There is no way to track the failed transaction because your information is not tied to the card. My friend is a pilot and I have done this for years.

And I thought I was cheap for bringing a couple nippers in my carry-on.

Organic foods look a hell of a lot like regular foods at the self checkout. New blender? Nope, just a lot of Idaho potatoes.

I’m in the camp of “if you’re enough of an asshole to care about organic, you deserve to pay for organic.” But hey, that’s just me.

At a Redbox put in the promotion code “redbox”, “brkroom” or “breakroom”. Most places get one free movie a day for their break room for having the machine on site and don’t utilize this. If no body has used that code within 24 hours, it your free.

This would be useful if I had a DVD player, but it’s 2016 and I don’t.

If you live in a busy city and want free parking for the day, go to a garage/mechanic that offers a free service such as tyre rotation or pressure check (many do), take the car to them early in the morning and say you can’t pick it up until the evening. Free parking for the day.

And you get your tires rotated. That’s just huge all around.

Was just talking to my wife, who sells cars, tonight. Learned that you can roll negative equity from a previous car into a lease, total your new car, and only be on the hook for your insurance premium. So here’s an unethical/illegal example of the above:

Own a car that is only worth $15,000, but for which you owe $25,000 (you have $10,000 negative equity in your car). Lease a new car, and “roll in” your negative equity. The dealership will take your old car, pay the bank for your old car, and charge you some additional amount on your lease to make up for the $10k in negative equity you rolled in. Now drive off the lot, and total the car. You will have to pay the deductible on your car insurance (typically $500), but you will be excused from your lease.

Which means you were able to unload $10k worth of debt for $500. This is an example of insurance fraud.

And all I have to do is total my car? Sounds safe, reasonable, and totally like something that I could pull off. Should I hide it in the back of my auto salvage covered in branches as well?

For every single one of these life hacks, and more, go here.

[via Reddit]

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