Guys Love Me Since I Started Wearing Cowboy Boots

Guys Love Me Since I Started Wearing Cowboy Boots

About a year ago, my oldest friend got engaged. Soon after, I received a package in the mail. Now, getting anything in mail that I didn’t order for myself is exciting, but after I saw her name in the corner I freaked out. To this day I’m ashamed at how long it took me to put together the 16-piece puzzle she made from a picture of our Resting Bitch Faces with the words “I can’t say I do without you.” For anyone who hasn’t been a bridesmaid, this moment consists of a five-minute phone call frenzy and an invite to the elusive Pinterest wedding board. I scrolled around for a bit, added the mandatory participation pins, and it dawned on me: I will be wearing cowboy boots in this wedding. While normally I would be against this faux-country fad, this is a fitting theme for a couple who recently bought three pigs on a whim.

I’m from a small town – I’ve driven a tractor, and I can more than just hold my own at a Garth Brooks concert. But seeing as I’m not a cowboy, sporting their footwear has always seemed like a poseur move. I bit the bullet and dropped a third of my rent on a pair of boots that used to be a cow. The lady in the store was adamant that I break these in before the day of, which would turn out to be the best advice I’d ever gotten.

I’ve relocated from the aforementioned small town to Toronto, where it’s safe to say that the cowboy population is zero. I work in a pretty casual office, so I decided I would explain my situation to my coworkers, wear the boots to work, and get it done. A real get-in-get-out attitude. Soon enough, I was going full Nashville in downtown Canada… and guys. are. loving. it.

Last week I was grabbing a few groceries I needed for dinner and got asked out in produce section. A guy on the streetcar invited me out for drinks. Two people who have come into my office have given me their number. I’ve also noticed a significant increase in the cat-calling I receive on my way to the office. I can’t say this is my favourite thing, but it is what it is – whistles talk.

Why are guys so into it? Maybe they assume I’m from the south or somewhere else cooler than here. Maybe they think I’m pursuing a career in country music. Maybe it’s some kind of joke that everyone else is in on.

I’d like to think they’re just a great conversation starter. Whether it’s good or bad, I stand out in this attire. Even if his “nice boots” compliment is laced in irony, we’re talking now. I come back with a witty remark. I never actually tell you why I’m dressed like this. It’s intriguing. And just like that, my sticky-note list of prospects needs a full-sized sheet of paper.

I was in a rut for so long, and I blame that on blending in. I’m still the same person, but now people take a second look.

Take a risk, ladies, and buy some cowboy boots.

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