Guess Who’s Back: The Basic Chick That Went Nuts In A Chicago Craft Store Just Did A Full Interview About The Viral Video

Back in November, we brought to you the headline, Most Basic Girl Ever Lays Down Trump-Laced Rant In The Middle Of A Chicago Craft Store. I fundamentally do not understand how anyone could possibly not click that because it was one of the most must-watch videos of 2016. Her name is Jennifer Boyle and she was pretty much a dead woman walking once her video went viral and the entire world got a taste of what it would feel like to be on the other end of an argument with her.

If you don’t remember who she is or just want a refresher, join the 4+ million other people who have watched her tirade in the middle of a Michaels craft store.

Truly remarkable. A few days later, another video surfaced where she was in a similar altercation with a Peet’s Coffee manager who allegedly called her a “basic white bitch.”

Two months after the former of these videos took place, she’s finally broken her silence and has done sit-down interview with NBC Chicago. You’ll have to bear with me because NBC Chicago made it pretty much impossible to comfortably watch this interview – partially because they split it up into seven different two-to-four minute clips, and partially because they just put a steady cam on her face that never once moves.

So. much. to. digest.

While every fiber of my being wants to rid myself of Jennifer, I just can’t. I simply can’t. There were several moments during the interview when I thought to myself that she was coached, she’s delusional, she’s dumb as rocks, or just all of the above. I’m leaning towards all of the above for a few reasons.

Nevermind the fact that she completely avoided apologizing for both debacles (more on that in a second), but her quotes of “everybody is a work in progress” and “we’re all human” legitimately made me laugh out loud in a public setting. Those are the types of things one says when they have zero excuses for their actions and have no desire to apologize in any sense of the word.

I’m no True Detective or anything, but the biggest red flag of them all during this entire interview was the sheer amount of times that she blinked. No one in their right mind should ever blink that rapidly and all it did was scream “LIAR!” to me the entire time. Had they once shown the person conducting the interview, they probably would’ve looked like this: .

Far and away the best part of the entire shitshow was when they asked if she was actually sorry, only for her to react with the question, “For what?” For what, Jennifer? Uhhh, I can think of about 15 minutes of live video that you miiiiiight want to apologize for. I learned 1st grade that two wrongs don’t make a right, so I’m prettttttty pretty sure that telling the Peet’s manager that they’re a “bitch” repeatedly isn’t something that goes ever well when you’re sitting with your parents at Christmas dinner.

But then the interviewer actually clarifies, “Are you sorry about anything you said in the videos?” and her face just goes blank before shaking her head and saying, “No.” Remarkable. I don’t know how he didn’t inadvertently spit coffee all over her over-make-up’d face in amazement.

But hey, we’re all just a work in progress, right?

[via NBC Chicago]

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