Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You: Yeezy Season

Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You: Yeezy Season

Happy Monday! Actually, I can’t lie to you: I am writing this on Sunday night, because I don’t have to work on Monday, and I sure wasn’t getting up early tomorrow to just write this. So if anything major happens after 9 o’clock on Sunday – Justin Bieber gets arrested again, who gets the final rose on The Bachelor is leaked, or Beyoncé and Jay-Z announce their divorce and/or a pregnancy – I’m sorry to say it won’t be included here. But luckily for me and you, plenty of people had a bad weekend before Sunday night.

Kanye West

One would assume that West had a pretty good week last week – he dropped his new clothing line and album in an epic event at Madison Square Garden and he was the musical act on SNL. And then came this very bizarre tweet:

Literally, WTF? Is this even possible? According to TMZ, “Kanye’s net worth is often estimated at somewhere north of $100 mil and Kim Kardashian adds nearly $50 mil to the pot, probably more.” So how, if this is true, did Yeezus manage to wind up $53,000,000 in the hole? I guess the next question is this: when is his GoFundMe page going to go live? [via TMZ]

Peyton Manning

Here’s another person you would assume had a pretty good week. I mean, bro won the Super Bowl last Sunday. But haters are gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, and they went after Manning hardcore this week, and it’s some serious shit.

Two days after the Super Bowl, documents regarding Manning were sent to Shaun King, a writer at the New York Daily News. According to King, the documents were “74 pages of explosive court documents on Peyton Manning, Archie Manning, the University of Tennessee, and Florida Southern College that revealed allegations of a sexual-assault scandal, cover up, and smear campaign of the victim that was so deep, so widespread and so ugly that it would’ve rocked the American sports world to its core,” that were originally obtained by USA Today thirteen years ago, but never released, aside from one article that never gained any traction.

But on Sunday, King wrote a story around the documents – which concern a possible sexual assault of Dr. Jamie Naughright, who was a trainer at the University of Tennessee, by Manning. The details are too long – and frankly, gross – to go into here, but either way, it’s got to be shit-tastic for Manning. Of course, if he’s guilty, he deserves it. If not…well, it looks like his career won’t be ending on a Super Bowl high-note. [via New York Daily News]

Diamond Stone

Ok, first off – this dude’s name is Diamond Stone, so I’m assuming life hasn’t been awesome up until now, with the teasing the poor bastard must have endured. But the big man didn’t do himself any favors on Saturday, when the Maryland Terrapins center intentionally knocked the head of Wisconsin forward Vitto Brown into the hardwood after falling on him.

Stone received a technical foul for the hit in the last seconds of the first half, but remained in the game. Badger fans were pretty pissed that the move wasn’t called a flagrant foul with Stone being ejected from the game, particularly since the NCAA defines a flagrant as “when a player swings an elbow excessively and makes contact with an opponent above the shoulders.” But apparently, using your hand is A-OK. So maybe the one that really had a bad weekend was Vitto Brown. [via Bleacher Report]

Single Ladies

You’re probably thinking I said this because their sad singleness was emphasized by Valentine’s Day this weekend. While all of their taken girl friends were posting Instas of their roses and fancy dinners, they were either A.) home on the couch watching cheesy Hallmark movies and shoving pizza in their faces as fast as their digestive system would let them or B.) out with a bunch of their similarly single friends, drinking their faces off to forget celebrate that they’re single, because who the hell needs a guy anyway?

But that’s not even why the single ladies had a crappy weekend. Instead, it’s because it turns out what us singletons have been saying forever is true: there literally are not enough single men – partially the college-educated ones we all seem to be looking for. In an interview with Vice, Jon Birger, who wrote the new book, Date-onomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game said that “the college man deficit” is “a nationwide phenomenon.” He goes on, discussing how people are not likely to date across educational statuses: “It’s not just women, both men and women are unlikely to date and marry across those lines. It just doesn’t matter for the men because the pool of educated women is so vast that their own classism doesn’t really punish them. But being unwilling to consider working-class guys affects women in ways that it doesn’t affect men. It’s totally unfair, and I get that, but it’s not like only the women are choosy and the men are all open-minded.”

Hmmm, perhaps I should just take “college-educated” off my dream guy wish list? [via Vice]

Any Other Dude In This High School

As much as we bitch about dating after college, do you remember how awkward it was in high school? Well, all of the other dudes at Sky View High School in Smithfield, Utah are screwed after what senior Hayden Godfrey did for his school’s females for Valentine’s Day.

At school on Thursday, Godfrey (along with some helpers) went around and made sure that each and every single female student received a flower for Valentine’s Day. According to KUTV, “He bought 900 carnations from an online website out of his own pocket, and worked with school administration to make the school-wide delivery happen.”

Godfrey posted pics from his good deed:

So I did a thing today.Today I passed out 900 carnations, one to every girl at SVHS and it was totally worth it. I don…

Posted by Hayden Godfrey on Thursday, February 11, 2016

Time for all of the other school guys to step up their game. [via KUTV]

Image via YouTube

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