Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You: The Combine, Cops, And Curves

Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You: The Combine, Cops, And Curves

It was sub-zero temperatures here in the Northeast, but yet, I still had a great weekend. Saturday was spent with friends and Sunday was spent reading – the second best option since there’s no football. So no complaints here… but if you were one of these people, they may have some grievances about their weekend.

Floyd Mayweather

Maybe I’m sheltered, but I had no idea that boxers went on speaking tours. Politicians, academics, authors, yes; boxers, not so much. But Floyd Mayweather is currently on such a tour, and apparently, some people in one English town weren’t so happy to have him.

Mayweather was speaking at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham, United Kingdom on Saturday night when someone set one of his custom TMT (“The Money Team”) vans on fire.

The stop was part of Mayweather’s “Undefeated” tour, where Pretty Boy does meet and greets with fans and is interviewed on stage in front of an audience. No word on who was so unhappy with Money’s visit that they set his car on fire, but this is a man who gets a $1,000 hair cut twice a week, so does he even really care? [via TMZ]

Louis Tomlinson

For those of you that don’t know who Tomlinson is, I’ll make it easy for you: he’s one of the dudes that used to comprise One Direction. Which means that he basically spends his days swarmed by paparazzi; so much so that you’d like he’d be used to it by now. But on Friday night, Tomlinson was done with it.

The 25-year-old arrived at LAX around 11:45 p.m. with his girlfriend Eleanor Calder when he was, of course, greeted by the photogs in the baggage claim. According to one of them, Tomlinson pushed him, causing him to fall and injure himself. Tomlinson was placed under “citizen arrest” (by who, I have no idea) and was booked at an LAPD station for simple battery early Saturday before being given a court date of March 29th and then released.

Tomlinson’s lawyer Martin Singer told PEOPLE in a statement:

The paparazzi provoked and caused an altercation that occurred with Louis at the airport this morning. This is not the first or last time that a paparazzi has created an altercation with a celebrity. While the altercation was going on with the paparazzi, three other individuals were attacking his girlfriend during the incident and he came to her defense.

If you say so. [via People]


You may also not know who – or more accurately what – Zara is, so again, let me fill you in. Zara is a retail chain that specializes in getting the newest trends to their stores as quickly as possible. Their clothes, for men, women, and children, are designed and quickly delivered to stores so they can stay totally on-trend. On-trend also may have been what they were trying to be with their newest ad campaign, except that it backfired, big time.

The company launched a new ad on last week that was intended to be body positive, encouraging women to “love their curves.” Except, as the internet noted, the women pictured weren’t exactly what most people consider curvy:

Yes to the message, no to the picture. Better luck next time, Zara. [via US Magazine]

Reuben Foster

Foster, a former linebacker at Alabama, was already having a rough time of it at the NFL Combine. While the unanimous first-team All-American was scheduled to participate in interviews on Friday and testing on Saturday, he was not going to be able to take part in drills since he is recovering from recent rotator cuff surgery in his right shoulder. Still, he is projected to be a top 10 pick…until his antics at a local hospital on Friday.

Foster got into what is being called an “altercation” with a hospital worker on Friday while waiting for his “pre-exam.” After waiting for an extended amount of time, the tackler became impatient and then exchanged words with the worker, which led to him getting booted from all combine festivities.

While Foster claimed “nothing happened” in an Instagram Live video Saturday, he sent a letter of apology to NFL teams on Sunday, apologizing for the incident. According to ESPN, “Foster said he’s making himself available to any team that wants to speak with him on Tuesday, the day before Alabama’s pro day in Tuscaloosa.” It will be interesting to see if anyone takes him up on it. [via ESPN]

This Guy

One of the longest-running jokes in the internet dating world is that the person you are going to meet may be a serial killer. Literally anyone that’s gone on a Bumble/Tinder/Match date has cracked this joke at some point, right? But if you’re this dude, cracking this joke to the wrong woman got him locked up.

According to Cosmo, Reddit user Immortalsnail was one a date that was going rather well when this happened:

So after the food arrives the conversation turns a little more towards how we met (pay close attention and you will spot my mistake). She states she’s glad I’m normal and not some sort of serial killer.

Now I could have just laughed… I could have but I was funny remember? I replied with “Oh thanks for thinking I’m normal! But I actually am a serial killer, bodies for days buried out at the farm.”

She laughed, I laughed, I thought I did great at making it sound sarcastic.

She excuses herself to the bathroom to do whatever girls do in bathrooms on dates. It was taking a questionably long time for her to return and I was slightly worried she bailed and stuck me with the bill, my luck right? Wrong.

So unbelievably wrong, my luck was worse as police officers suddenly appear out of nowhere and tell me to keep both of my hands visible on the table.

I’m in the car and the police are outside talking to my date for a few minutes when they get into the car with me and ask me if I told my date I was a serial killer, areyoufuckingkiddingme…

I tell them yes but I was joking.

So that derailed my plans, I spent the next 5-6 hours explaining myself over and over and over that I was kidding.

I guess, eventually, they either believed me or got tired of hearing me speak much to my lawyers disapproval (to me speaking) and let me go and reminded me that my jokes suck.

So the lesson here: serial killers are no joke. Or some people can’t take a joke. Whichever. [via Cosmopolitan]

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