Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You: Accidental Firings

Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You: Accidental Firings

The first weekend with no professional football is a weird one. And don’t you dare call the Pro Bowl actual football, because that thing’s a joke. So I felt a little bit lost this weekend, with nothing to occupy my Sunday. And being as that I was out until 4 o’clock on Saturday night/Sunday morning, I really needed something to sit on my couch and stare at, which I how I came to watch four straight hours of My 600 Pound Life. But as sad as those people are (although big props to them for doing something about it), they still probably had a better weekend than these people.

Blac Chyna

I have to admit, as a pop-culture obsessed girl, I’m not as good as keeping up with the Kardashians as I should be. So it took me a little bit to untangle the web of A.) who the hell Blac Chyna is and B.) why anyone cared when news broke last week that she’s dating Rob Kardashian. But I think I’ve got it: Blac Chyna is the ex/baby mama of Tyga, who is dating Rob’s sister Kylie. She is also the best friend of Amber Rose, who used to date Kanye West, who is married to Rob’s sister Kim (who Blac Chyna used to be BFF with).

Got that? Ok, so why is Ms. Chyna having a bad weekend? Well, after news of her new romance with reality TV’s most elusive brother, she hopped a plane on her way to club appearance in London. During a layover in Austin, TX, she got belligerent in the gate area, and according to TMZ, “stormed toward the gate, got on the plane and screamed at a flight attendant, ‘Nasty ass bitch!’” Cops showed up and busted the video vixen, who was handcuffed and lead away crying. She was booked for public intoxication, and a charge of drug possession was added a few hours later.

Wouldn’t you love to be there when Rob brings his new love home to meet momma Kris – the scariest momager in the world? Hopefully it’s on tape. Oh, who the hell am I kidding? Of course it will be. [via TMZ]

The Super Bowl 50 Statues

Or rather, whoever is responsible for cleaning up the graffiti on the statues, because apparently San Franciscans are having a hell of a time vandalizing them:

“Sup Bro”

“Superb Owl”

In less creative attacks, other versions of the statues, which many natives are calling “tacky,” have just been knocked over. Seems like some in San Francisco aren’t exactly excited to be hosting football’s semicentennial event…or maybe they just aren’t as in love with Cam Newton as the rest of us are? [via Bay Area Sports Guy]

Marissa Mayer

It’s tough work being a boss. Lots of things to keep straight, and occasionally something gets messed up. Apparently, that’s what happened at Yahoo! last week – and it resulted a bunch of people getting fired “by accident.”

A source told the New York Post, “They put people on firing lists who they didn’t mean to — people who were lower on the performance scale but who weren’t meant to get fired. But no one told the managers, and then they had the conversations, and it was like, ‘Oops.'” Sources attribute the inadvertent firings, which affected as many as thirty employees, directly to Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer. And since a few of the firings included the only people who did specific jobs, Yahoo! had better hope that none of their sites, including our beloved Tumblr, go down. [via Cosmopolitian]

The Guy That Didn’t Take This Lottery Ticket

It’s also tough being a regular old employee. A lot of times we make mistakes, and we pay for them. Well, for one grocery store employee in Woodbridge, VA, a mistake actually paid off – big time.

Michael Donnelly works at the local Harris Teeter store, and when he accidentally printed a Cash4Life lottery ticket instead of a Powerball one for a customer, he paid for the Cash4Life ticket himself, since the customer didn’t want it. That ticket turned out to be a 1 in 21.8 million winner – meaning that Donnelly won $1,000 every day for the rest of his life or a lump sum payment of $7,000,000, which he chose and collected last week.

Sucks to be the guy that turned down that ticket, doesn’t it? [via Daily Mail]


The water situation in Flint, MI, is a serious one and it’s all over the news. Lots of celebrities have donated bottled water to the cause, and it’s no surprise that charity shows have been organized to help fund bottled water and filters for those in Flint. You would think that the performers in those shows would do everything they can to help out – unless you’re Timbaland.

Despite being paid in advance to DJ for half an hour and perform five to eight songs, the hip-hop producer refused to perform at a benefit on Thursday night after the club hosting the event served him the wrong brand of champagne. Meaning he got Dom Perignon instead of Ace of Spades. Seriously.

And while Timba didn’t perform, he sure as hell drank. According to The New York Daily News, despite not performing, “the hip-hop producer and his entourage polished off an entire arsenal of booze in the club’s VIP seating which included two bottles of Patron, three bottles of Ciroc, two bottles of D’usse and one bottle of Disaronno Originale Italian Liqueur.” Club Bleu co-owner Mitchell Jaworski told the paper that “They had about 15 bottles of liquor and champagne, which is extremely excessive especially for a charity event. They seemed more concerned about getting every drop of liquor.”

I wonder if he had a glass of water? [via New York Daily News]

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