Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You

Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You

Well, it’s Monday again, peeps. Since grad school does not get a summer break, my weekend was spent studying, with intermittent breaks to see Trainwreck (slightly overrated), do my cooking for the week (#fitspro), and workout (read: walk to the fridge to refill my wine glass). But as boring as that sounds, there are some people that had a worse weekend than me (and you):

Jax Taylor

It’s okay, you can admit it: you watch Vanderpump Rules. It’s got a little something for everyone: hot guys and smokin’ girls, some back story about a restaurant that no one cares about, and a Real Housewife that occasionally wanders in and out. Anyone that watches the show (so, like, everyone) won’t be surprised to learn that everyone’s favorite bartender/man-slut, Jax Taylor, was arrested in Hawaii this weekend where the cast was filming for the upcoming season. Taylor was collared after allegedly shoplifting a pair of sunglasses worth more than three hundred bucks, which is a felony in the Aloha state. Despite (likely pre-scheduled) tweets being posted to this account Sunday morning, it’s reported that Taylor is still in jail with “no immediate prospect of getting out.” Don’t worry, Jax, I’m sure Jiggy is on the way with a nail file baked in a cake.

[via Reality Tea]

This Scottish Kid

We all eat things we regret, especially on the weekend. It happens. But when one kid in Scotland decided to eat a Carolina Reaper pepper, the world’s hottest pepper, his digestive system got a little more than he bargained for.

The best part of the video in the voice in the background – the kid’s grandfather – chastising him for eating the thing in the first place. Totally reminds me of my holier-than-thou college roommate bitching at me when I was worshiping at the porcelain altar on a Sunday morning after a particularly rough Saturday night. [via Mashable]

Donald Trump

Listen, you can think whatever you want about Mr. Trump – I’m not here to debate his viability as a candidate or discuss whatever is happening on his head that masquerades as hair. But it seems to be a universal opinion that the Donald went too far this weekend when he questioned fellow Republican John McCain’s classification as a “hero” for his experience as a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War. People on both sides of the aisle jumped up to tell Trump to shove it:

And my personal favorite:

Whatever you think of McCain’s tenure as a senator, there’s no denying his military service was nothing short of heroic. I mean, this is a guy that was offered the opportunity to leave captivity early due to being an admiral’s son but refused due to a Code of Conduct that said the prisoner captured before him should be released first. Even Trump realized he’d stepped in it, saying, “If a person is captured, they’re a hero as far as I’m concerned. I don’t like the job John McCain is doing in the Senate because he is not taking care of our veterans.” Nice try. [via The Week]

Whoever Runs The Boston Globe’s Twitter Account

If you live in Boston, you know that The Boston Globe is the city’s serious newspaper. So much so that the other paper in town refers to it as the “Boring Broadsheet,” but we all know that the Globe is the one actually reports news. Which they were trying to do when they tweeted this on Friday:

Hmmm…perhaps there is something stinky going on at the FBI? Proving they at least have a small shred of a sense of humor, the Globe corrected the typo in a subsequent tweet, but left the original tweet up. The only way this could have been funnier is if they were “investifarting” a “gas leak.” [via HappyPlace]

Six Unidentified People in China

For the last few days, the Chinese internet has been blowing up over a video of a couple having sex in the dressing room of a Uniqlo clothing store in Beijing. Uniqlo is like The Gap of China, apparently. Anyway, the video was shared millions of times, and given that pornography is illegal in China, the Chinese government was pissed. The Cyberspace Administration of China and the Beijing police investigated and announced on Sunday that the couple in the video, along with four additional people, have been detained in the case. What they are charged with is unclear, but according to the LA Times, “those convicted of disseminating obscene books, films, pictures and video clips could face jail terms of up to two years, while making obscene products to earn profit can carry a term of up to life in prison.” Which sucks for them, but can we go back to the fact that pornography is illegal in China for a sec? Like, all porn – magazines, videos, websites – is prohibited. So I’m thinking that maybe “everyone in China” should just permanently be on the “people that had a worse weekend than you” list, right? [via The LA Times]

Know of someone that had a bad weekend? Email us (pictures are always welcome) and let us know, and you could see it in a future column.

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