Fear Not, Unemployed Post Grads, America Has A Record Breaking 5.8 Million Job Openings

Fear Not, Unemployed Post Grads, America Has A Record Breaking 5.8 Million Job Openings

Do you want the good news first, or the bad news, fellow members of the unemployed Post Grad network?

I’ll hit you with the good news: America is currently breaking records for the number of open jobs available. In April, there were 5.78 million job openings. That’s a lot of cash sitting on the table for us to grab.

Here is the bad news: It’s probably not a job in your industry! Shit!

From CNN Money:

The openings are across a range of industries. Manufacturing, trade and transportation each had posted north of 46,000 jobs.

Such a high overall number open positions is both good and bad news. On one hand, it means employers are hiring more. At the worst part of the recession in 2009 there were only 2.3 million job openings.

But on the other hand, it is also a symptom of a growing problem in the U.S. economy, where employers can’t find skilled workers for the jobs that they need. That disparity is called the job skills gap, and it’s a major challenge in right now.

Americans are also feeling hella confident about voluntarily quitting their jobs — which is a good sign for the economy, apparently:

Overall, Americans are generally feeling more confident about quitting their jobs. One key measure of workers’ optimism in the job market is the quits rate — how many people are quitting their jobs voluntarily.

“The increase in the quits rate is a sign that workers are feeling more confident about the job market and are likely receiving more jobs offers,” Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen noted in a speech on Monday..

There you have it, folks. The job market is back on track. People are quitting left and right. Job postings are weighing down community center bulletin boards. Indeed, Monster and JobScore are seeing record posting submissions. It’s apparently a good time to be out there looking.

When I was a kid, I always thought it would be cool as hell to be a truck driver. Now, as an out-of-work college graduate with a liberal arts degree, maybe it’s time to seriously reconsider the dream of flying down the interstate in an 18-wheeler. Sleeping and watching movies in the truck cab. Going to new places every day, even if that place is just a new truck stop. It doesn’t sound all that bad. I already survive off fast food anyway. My body doesn’t know how to digest vegetables.

I bet this isn’t reassuring if you, like me, still can’t lock down a decent fucking job, but at least we know they are out there. Lurking in the shadows. Keep fighting the good fight. It’s only a matter of time before someone hires us.

[via CNN Money]

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