This Year’s Far Hills Race (The Hunt) Looked Like A Beautiful Disaster

The Best Photos From This Year's Far Hills Race (AKA The Hunt)

The New York Post described this year’s Far Hills Race as “a drunken bro fest” which is actually exactly what it appears to be. But while The New York Post attempted to use that as a slam on those that attended, I’m fairly sure that most of the attendees didn’t really care if they’re labeled that either way. If you’re not aware, The Far Hills Race (more commonly known as The Hunt) is a horse race where no one actually watches the horses. It’s like the Kentucky Derby’s infield, but with even less horses, in the fall instead of the spring, and a crowd that’s in a collectively higher tax bracket.

Last year’s Far Hills Race was an incredible mess that looked like a Barbour catalog exploded all over New Jersey. And this year’s was no different. In fact, I might go on record saying that it was even better. Let’s break it all down.

this is my pack, and we hunt to kill 🐎 #thehunt #openseason

A photo posted by @samanthafeher on

You know there was a conversation while they got ready that included, “No, you can’t wear that because I’m wearing that.”

Saw more Trump supporters than horses

A photo posted by KATY🍓 (@blondonyx) on

If you look at this girl’s Photos app, there are at least fifty different versions of this #candid that weren’t selected for Instagram.

“I am not going in there.” – This girl to her boyfriend, probably.

A tailgating party casualty at the Far Hills Races. @njdotcom #starledger #party #tailgating #thehunt #farhills #farhillsrace #beer

A photo posted by Aristide Economopoulos (@aeconomopoulos) on

This looks like the type of dude who shamelessly reads Maxim while sitting at this airport gate to fly to Vegas.


A photo posted by Jesslyn Lammerts (@jlammyz) on

The “I majored in Marketing with a minor in PR” Starter Pack.

Another level #thehunt #farhills

A photo posted by Dennis (@dennis.o.a) on

If we’re being honest, this spread lost all credibility when they decided to go with Captain Morgan over literally any other type of rum.

Autumnal AF #TheHunt 🐎

A photo posted by Ryan J Postal (@postal18) on

These dudes are just too vest to be stressed.

Veni, vidi, Vici 🐴 #thehunt #horseracing #fun #tailgate #friends #life

A photo posted by Natalie👑💋 (@natalielanza) on

Please note that one of the #hashtags on this photo is simply #life.

Hunting season 🐎🍾 #vestiesandbesties #thingsgirlsdoaftergraduation #thehunt

A photo posted by Jesslyn Lammerts (@jlammyz) on

But the #life hashtag was only upped by my new favorite fall hashtag of all-time, #vestiesandbesties. Also, don’t sleep on the #thingsgirlsdoaftergraduation hashtag.

Just horsing around 🐎 #farhillsrace #thehunt

A photo posted by @elizabethdamato on

The girl whose phone this was taken on had to have been so psyched. There’s no way she sent this photo to her friends before she posted it first.

Day drinks are the best drinks 🐎🍂🍺🎃🍁

A photo posted by Viviane Audi (@vivianeaudi) on


#thehunt #thehuntisover #farhillsrace #newjersey #party #beer #kegs #highlife #anotherfunday

A photo posted by JM Lifestyles (@jeffreymichaeldesigns) on

It’s like a tornado named “Trip” went through New Jersey and left a path of destruction.

Happy hunting.

A photo posted by 25°North (@billiecarroll) on

“Can you take a photo of me on top of this leased Range Rover that Sarah’s dad got her for graduation?”

Saturday's are for the horses #thehunt #farhillsrace

A photo posted by JP 💋 (@jay_paz) on

I feel like she had to delete the original photo she took like this because some dude accidentally left an illicit substance sitting on the bar in her first photo.

The hunt, won first race and Chambong! #hunt #chambong #thehunt

A photo posted by BB (@bb44488) on

Chambong alert! Item of the season if you’re looking to get some early Christmas shopping done.

Cheers to #thehunt 🍾🍾🐎🐎 @christinamacdonald

A video posted by Al McDonald (@al_mickeyd) on

Mini champagne bottles? Check. Aviators? Check. A Boomerang to make sure everyone knows you #crushed it? Check.


A photo posted by Alison (@alisonw_) on

As Lee Greenwood so eloquently said, “God bless the USA.”

Image via Instagram

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