Don’t Be An Ass About Jury Duty Or You Could Go To Jail

Don’t Be An Ass About Jury Duty Or You Could Go To Jail

Everyone seems to have the same reaction when opening up the mail and finding the ever-dreaded jury summons. (Insert eye roll, whine, huff, and frisbee throw onto the counter full of other unopened mail.) I understand, given some job situations, that jury duty places an undue burden on certain individuals. For example: hourly workers, business owners whose presence is required for operation, as well as any employee whose contributions an employer cannot continue without. However, for a lot of us, if we were to disappear tomorrow, it would take our coworkers at least a week to realize we weren’t just on vacation; likely because they know we A) can’t afford it, and B) already burned most of our vacation days on hangovers.

Most employers are very accommodating to jury duty and continue to pay salary throughout the duration, mostly because it’s an asshole move and bad PR not to. Supporting the administration of justice is usually a cost the employer is willing to bear. Additionally, a majority of jury duties are not multiple-week, sequestered, national-news-worthy, Casey Anthony-esque murder trials people have in their heads. I’m saying all of this to say the following:

Don’t be the guy who gets arrested for being an asshole about jury duty AT jury duty, because, apparently, that happens. Robert Cenci Jr. of McCandless, Pennsylvania, and owner of Cenci’s Italian Restaurant & Bar was jailed after making the following mistakes during his brief tenure in a jury pool:

1) Letting an Assistant District Attorney hear you say, “This is a waste of my (beeeeeping) time,” after asking the ADA how long you’re under subpoena; and

2) Leaning over and asking the defendant, “Did you do it?”

While I can appreciate the humor and metaphorical balls associated with #2, the judge did not, and ordered Cenci to spend the night in jail.

I took a look at Mr. Cenci’s operation on his restaurant’s website, and I must say, it looks like a place I could support. The pizza sounds like something I need immediately, and…wait for it…THEY DELIVER BEER. Big ups, Cenci. However, unless he is the only person capable of properly tossing a ‘za in the air, which I doubt, there is no reason why Mr. Cenci couldn’t devote a little time to a civic duty. This does not appear to be some solo operation. Think of it as a trial opportunity for your employees. Hey, if it works out, start taking some vacations on that beer delivery money.

You may be thinking, “You’re one to talk. Being a lawyer can get you out of jury duty. Plus, you like this shit.” My response is, yes, that is all correct. But think of it this way, all those days you wish you were sitting back watching daytime television, here’s your chance, except it’s real life and they pay you to do it.

[via Trib Total Media]

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