Dating Apps: The Cold Hard Truth

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A lot of fuss has been made about dating apps like Tinder, Plenty of Fish, and now, Charm. I’m not even touching Charm. I didn’t even touch Plenty of Fish. I deleted Tinder within a month. These apps, fun and interesting as they are, are destined to fail for the majority of users.

At first I thought Tinder was a solid idea. I live in Atlanta and it seemed good to have an app to show me the girls who populated the Buckhead area whom I would have never known existed unless I randomly bumped into them at a bar. All it took was two dates with two different girls to get me to delete the app.

Men on Tinder, whether they are looking for an actual date or just a bang buddy, misinterpret the intentions of most girls on Tinder. Here is the cold hard truth, and you ladies are going to come down hard on me for this — most girls on Tinder are looking for a self esteem boost. That’s it. For every 10 girls, MAYBE one girl is looking for a hookup, two are looking for a date, and the rest want a self esteem boost. The idea of multiple good looking guys finding them attractive, and maybe even taking them on dates, makes them feel good about themselves, so rather than pick one guy, they will go on one date with a string of guys and never call them again. They don’t feel inclined to hook up, and there is no pressure to see the guy again because it was “just an internet thing.” It’s the ultimate casual ego boost. I’ve seen it in my own experiences and in the experiences of friends. The dates go very well, and unbeknownst to the guy, it’s over as soon as it starts. I have not heard one Tinder success story. The longest I’ve heard is 4 weeks of casual dating.

I’ve been Tinder free for almost 2 months and it feels fan-fucking-tastic. It’s a distraction, the dates are ultimately unfulfilling, and you’ll have better luck elsewhere. Go dance with a girl at a bar. Play football with your friends at the park and hit on the girl walking her dog. Pick up your waitress. Find a girl in the real world who wants to see you more than once or twice. Most of the women on these apps are shallow and selfish, and a lot of us guys deserve better. Unless you’re a douche…then you can stay on the dating apps.

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