Continued Education: Living Off Ramen And Loving It

There comes a time in every postgrad’s life in which difficult decisions are to be made. It is beyond evident, at this point, that money does not, in fact, grow on trees. Rather, it is accumulated through infinite hours spent loitering in Excel and playing on your phone when nobody is looking. This can be hard work, and often exhausting. For this reason especially, it is important to spend your hard earned dollars in ways that make the struggle all worth while. Of course there are the unavoidable cash sinks: cell phone bills, rent, liquor, etc. However, there is one additional money vampire that is surprisingly easy to evade: food.

While we all enjoy a good meal now and then, ask yourself honestly, is it really worth sacrificing my true desires for a Chipotle burrito? Some days yes, but most…probably not. On days that you don’t need a succulent feast, I suggest you try a great alternative that will save you hundreds of dollars over time: Ramen. I’m sure you’ve eaten it before, and I’m sure you will eat it again, but from the guide below you will see there is more to ramen than simply throwing a cube of carbohydrates into a pot of boiling water. While cooking might sound like a bitch, remember it’s just noodles and even a dim child can do it. So next time you’re at the bar ordering a nice imported beer instead of a Coors or Highlife, thank the great people of Japan and their cheap, cheap, noodles.


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