Breaking Down The 10 Super Bowl Ads That I Actually Remember Seeing

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I went a little hard last night. Here are the ones I actually remember seeing and enjoying.

10. Shock Top: “Unfiltered” Talk with T.J. Miller

Everything T.J. Miller does is comedy gold, and watching the Silicon Valley stoner get roasted by a fruit was on par with his usual work. Took me about halfway through to put a finger on it — and I’m still not 100 percent — but I’m pretty sure the Shock Top orange is Robbie Valentino.

9. Budweiser: Simply Put

Anti-drunk driving campaigns usually involve either touting the police as an unstoppable, covert force that will catch you no matter what, or by showcasing the tragic consequences of drunk driving. This time, Budweiser took a different approach: brutal insult. It’s what a lot of people tuning in needed to hear, and Helen Mirren delivered it with a caustic, biting annunciation.

8. Pokémon 20th Anniversary Commercial

Okay, kind of a stretch that a football player watched a girl playing chess to get hyped before a big game, but everything Pokémon automatically does +50 water damage to my boxer briefs (and how cool is it that the team slaps a “Like No One Ever Was” sign on their way out of the locker room?). Seeing Pikachu and Gyrados and Charizard in a live-action setting has me hoping for a movie shot in similar fashion.

7. Death Wish Coffee Company: Storm’s a-Brewin’

An entertaining commercial with a clever twist at the end. That was also keen of QuickBooks to promote a small business — an interesting idea with a feel-good, sticking-up-for-the-little-guy result. Hopefully, other big name corporations will follow suit with their advertising in the future.

6. NFL: “Super Bowl Babies” Choir ft. Seal

When your team wins the Super Bowl, it’s a passionate moment. So passionate that you may forget to bag it while celebrating with your partner, leaving the two of you with a trophy far more expensive than the Vince Lombardi. The NFL rounded up a bunch of these “Super Bowl Babies” from over the years and formed a choir.

5. Pantene: Strong is Beautiful

I can’t relate to this commercial in any way, shape, or form, but dammit if it wasn’t adorable as fuck. Seeing those big-ass dudes daintily doing their daughters’ hair was funny and touching and made having kids look a little less life-ruining. It’s always pretty ironic when beauty companies make these kinds of ads, though. It’s like saying, “There, there, girls, whenever you see the impossibly-proportioned models in our other ads and feel like cutting yourself, remember that you are the best version of you.”

4. Audi R8: Commander

It’s a stretch to compare the feeling of driving an Audi with the thrill of intergalactic space flight, but it’s not a stretch to imply that buying a sports car makes you feel young again. Regardless, this ad hit me right in the feels.

3. Mtn Dew Kickstart: Puppymonkeybaby

A Pug’s head on a monkey’s torso with baby legs and a robotic, monotone voice is just the right mix of disturbing and hilarious to make a memorable ad. If you stay up for 24 hours chugging a Mtn Dew energy drink, I wouldn’t be surprised if you hallucinate something just as unsettling.

2. Avocados from Mexico: AVOS in Space

The premise of an alien species putting human relics on display in a museum — and sometimes wildly misinterpreting them — is pretty brilliant. The appearance of Scott Baio is a funny, random touch as well.

1. Doritos: Ultrasound

This is probably the only commercial during the game that had everyone at the party laughing out loud. Except for a few radical feminists, apparently:

On second thought, they probably weren’t invited to a party in the first place.

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