Apps Every Man In A Relationship Needs To Use


You’re heading out the door on a Monday, dreading the morning meeting you’re about to sit through following your 45-minute commute. Meanwhile, your girlfriend asks you to pick up something on your way back from work. You head to work, power through the day and mentally clock out around 4:00pm. As you randomly browse the internet, the only thing on your mind is getting home and making yourself comfortable on your futon. 5 o’clock hits and you dart out of the office only to completely forget that you were supposed to pick up whatever it is your girlfriend asked you to get. While unintentional, at the end of the day we are all human and make mistakes. Lucky for, us it’s 2014, and there are variety of apps you can use to prevent some of the arguments that break out in every relationship.


Her birthday, your anniversary, and Valentine’s Day. You should automatically have those days stored in your calendar, recurring each year. If you don’t know these dates, then you’re already behind the 8-ball. Browse her Facebook and get the dates immediately. The last thing you want is to be on your timeline only to spot that it’s your girlfriend’s birthday and you haven’t gotten her anything. The key to the calendar is to not only plug in the actual date of the events, but also give yourself ample time to prepare. Set a reminder a week before, that way you give yourself plenty of time to plan something or purchase any gifts. Don’t be the guy that rushes to Target on her birthday.


For my iPhone users, please do not underestimate the power of the Reminders app. This is the perfect place to store all those little chores and tasks that are bound to come up in any relationship. I also use this app to remind myself of any small details I can use later. If she mentions how she loves cookie dough ice cream, make a quick reminder. She can’t wait for that Sandra Bullock movie to come out in March? Make a note. When you want do something sporadic for your girlfriend, this list will come in handy.


KeepSafe is an app that allows you to password-protect photos and videos on your phone. Your public photo gallery will remain available for anyone that might be on your phone. You can even directly snap pictures directly into the app without having them end up in your gallery. I use it to keep passwords for accounts and financial information out of my gallery, yet I’m sure you can find other uses for this app as well.

Karmasutra App

The greatest athletes in the world approach each day with the thought of how they can continue to improve. Since you peaked athletically back in high school, do yourself a favor and read up on some new positions. You don’t have to add them to your daily routine, but if you ever feel like shaking things up in the bedroom don’t be afraid to try the “Intersextion.” Make sure you bring it up with her first, otherwise she might assume you’ve been on Redtube too much.


Has your weekend ever started with this conversation:
Guy: “What do you want to do today?’
Girl: “I don’t know, what do you feel like doing?”
(Repeat 2-3 times)

I mean, it’s a given that you’re going to drink at night, but sometimes you need something to do during the day. Both of these apps post different activities in your area at a discounted price. This will allow you to at least pretend that you have some disposable income to spend on something beside alcohol.

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