Am I Ridiculous For Wanting Botox?

Am I Ridiculous for Wanting Botox?

I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m not really in a position to complain about my “old age.” At 28 years young, my biggest concerns are avoiding conversations with my mom about why she doesn’t have grandchildren yet and how much drinking my wallet can endure every week. You know, the important issues.

So when my best friend brought up the idea of us getting Botox with our tax returns (#adult), I became way too excited way too quickly. Obviously, I want to maintain a youthful appearance forever! However, after talking to a few other friends and acquaintances it became all too apparent that perhaps this idea was a touch crazy to say the least. I tend to disagree, but really, how ridiculous am I for wanting Botox before I even hit thirty?

First of all, I don’t want anything outrageous. Just a bit in my forehead to calm down the wrinkles that are creeping up on me. Not a full face, let’s stab every not-so-perfect area in order to look like a permanent Snapchat filter. Not the $4000 a friend of a friend spends once a year to maintain his “natural” appearance. Casual Botox, if you will. (Okay, and maybe a lip injection. But that’s technically not Botox, guys. Get off my back.)

And they say that Botox is preventative! To me this means less wrinkles now, less wrinkles later, and overall less money spent in the future towards fixing the wrinkles I ignore and don’t fix now. Wins all around!

It’s like going to the gym. You do it now to hopefully be healthier years down the road when you’re a grandpa or grandma enjoying retirement! That is assuming you do go to the gym now. And that you’ve managed to find someone you like enough to date thus leading to convincing them to marry you and popping out some kids. And that you’ve actually saved money for retirement. Shit.

But really, the point is that it’s an investment in the future.

And speaking of investments, the cost isn’t terrible. I have a friend who spent around $600 for her lip injections, good for a year, and one area of Botox runs about $400. Yes, being a girl is expensive, but what’s a thousand dollars in the grand scheme of things? Because who’s to say that price won’t dramatically increase the longer I wait and the older I get? Wouldn’t the smart thing to do be spend the money now to lower my costs in the future? I’m just trying to be fiscally responsible here. And if my face benefits because of that, so be it.

I really don’t see what the issue is. Perhaps it may be viewed as an unnecessary and outlandish attempt to actually change my face, when in reality the opposite is true. If time could not wreak havoc on my skin and change it into something wrinkle filled, that’d be ideal. Is it so ridiculous to want to have some small facial maintenance performed now to ensure that I hold up nicely by the time I’ve reached that magical age that qualifies me as a cougar? I think not.

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