Alternative Uses For Dating Apps That Won’t Crush Your Soul

Alternative Uses for Dating Apps That Won’t Crush Your Soul

Anyone who has experienced even a whiff of anything I’ve written knows how much I hate dating apps. They’ve ruined dating by exploiting FOMO and you’re probably better off meeting someone in person at a party or a bar or even the grocery store. Sure, there are some, possibly many app success stories, but if I had to guess I’d imagine matches have a 69 percent failure rate. But that doesn’t make these apps completely useless. In fact, with a little creativity you can get much more out of these apps than a simple, shallow date.

If you’re new to the public approach game or a little rusty, dating apps give you a good idea in which league you’re. If they right swipe you on an app using just a photo of you, you can assume that they wouldn’t mind you approaching them in public. I know, totally foreign concept. It’s a good gauge of initial success, which is more than you could ask for in the past where every approach was full of blind, cautious confidence. This could also be covered under validation, which is why I believe most people use dating apps anyways.

I’ll be fair and assume the majority of you don’t even need to know in which league you are, and if that’s the case, you can ignore part one. That was a freebie — you’re welcome. However, there are other uses as well. If you’re job hunting in a new city or are considering moving to a new city, the dating apps allow you to gauge the talent in the general area. That’s useful information because you obviously want to live in the vicinity of the best the city has to offer you. People spend most of their free time within a few miles of their home, so it’s a good bet the blonde with pretty eyes with whom you matched probably lives nearby. Happy hunting.

Dating apps also have some utility on business trips, especially long ones on which you will have a significant amount of free time, or vacations. First, you can gather some good intel about the area from a match. I never would have known where in New York City I could have watched my SEC alma mater’s football game had it not been for a fellow alumna with whom I matched. It also lets you set up some liaisons with the local talent while you’re in town. I’d never encourage a long distance relationship, but there’s a certain level of excitement and intrigue that goes along with two ships passing in the night. One of my best dates ever was with a girl who knew I’d be gone in three days. Being the hot out-of-towner is a solid bucket list item.

As you can see, you need not utilize dating apps to go on more destined-to-fail, soul crushing, almost chore-like dates. There is actual utility that can add some level of value to your life. Sure, the dating apps want you to swipe as much as possible and match as much as possible, but the real value is periodic use in very specific situations. Good luck.

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