A White Guy Translates The Underlying Meaning In The Lyrics Of Birdman’s “4 My Town”

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When I was a senior in high school, I took AP Spanish for some reason. One of our assignments was to write a story and then read it to the class. So I did what anyone else with a good brain would do: I put Young Jeezy’s “Soul Survivor” into Google Translate and pasted the results into a Word document. After reading it to the class, my teacher would go on to explain the story going on. The class found it quite hilarious that this 50-year-old woman had no idea she was translating a rap song.

With that in mind, I thought, “Hey, I can do that too. I’m in tune with the music world, and every song tells a story.” So I’m going to test my skills at translating rap songs, from a guy who doesn’t really listen to rap. Today, we’re going with “4 My Town” by Birdman.

Yea, so priceless.
Life so priceless, nigga you understand me?
Its just like that.
My car so priceless, my bitch so priceless, my familia is so priceless nigga.
You understand me?
Either you with us or you ain’t with us.
Either you in the huddle or you out the huddle.
Either you ridin or we pass flyin by sayin fuck you.
It’s Young Money, Cash Money playboy, it’s about the size of it, at the rooftop, so hot up here nigga.

What Birdman is trying to portray here is that you can have all the material things in life, like the cars, the women, etc, but it all holds no value. It’s all priceless, as he puts it. But to have a good group of friends is something that can’t be overlooked. A solid squad will always reign supreme.

Take yourself a picture when I’m standing at the mound and I swear it’s going down, I’m just repping for my town.
Off a cup of CJ Gibson, man I’m faded off to Brown and I’m easily influenced by the niggas I’m around.
See that Aston Martin, when I start it, hear the sound.
I ain’t never graduated, I ain’t got no cap and gown.
But the girls in my class who were smart enough to pass be at all my fuckin parties grabbin money off the ground.

The main theme of the chorus is that you may not be the sharpest tool in theshed, but when you work and grind hard, then you can make your big bucks that even the smart kids would be jealous of.

Yeah, all hail Mr. Lyrical, spades of the opus baby, what you got a feeling for?
I could show you new things, have you feeling spiritual.
Pastor Kerney Thomas to these hoes…Miwacles.
Yeah ok, they say that I’m the one, in fact, some say I’m their favorite but I ain’t hearing none of that.
I’m about my team hoe, Young Money runnin back, Cash Money superstar.
Where the fuck is stunna at?

Drake wants to get across that he is a miracle worker. He hears all the talk that he could be the greatest, but he’s a humble fella. Remember, he started from the bottom, now he’s here just being a team player by staying loyal.

Untouchable, 40 with my AK.
Mastermind, big money heavy weight.
On the grind, flippin money in everyway.
Headline, my bitch shine everyday.
Pearl white, throwin P Marc Jacob gloves.
Cartier Louis case with a dope plod.From the mud.
Where they wet you and leave you in your blood.
Goin in, flippin hundreds, get the young “?”.
Show’em where it go, floatin on the floor,
gettin more dough, grind hard go,
black diamond show, watch the flame blow.
And how you stay grounded cash no go.
And how you stay mounded cash no flow.
And how you stay shinin, bently on the floor.
And how you stay high, purple pine dro.
Diamonds wing fur, February snow.

The hard work of Mr. Birdman has led him to a life where he has accumulated big money. This allows him to purchase the luxury items. If you work hard, you, too, can cash out like Birman.

Uh, you know your paid, when you got baby witcha.
It’s Young Money like Ben Frank’s baby pictures.
I’m the lady twister, I kiss her wiskers.
I been runnin this shit, blisters.
Stickin to the script, movie star money.
And if ya gas’d up, I leave the car runnin.
I’m a big smoker, I’m a little drinker,
the peace sign is just a trigger and the middle finger.
Wha-wha-what you know about it?
man yall clueless.
I let two women ride me, that’s car poolers.
I rock stupid ice, Mr. water coolers.
If yall in the buildin, then we are intruders.
Simmer down pimpin, let me handle this.
I know the game, analysts.
Man I’m the shit and yall are janitors.
Blow out the k-sh and crack a smile for the cameras.

Lil Wayne comes in with the lyrically pleasing final verse where he talks about sex. When he talks about kissing her whiskers, he is trying to let the ladies know that he has no shame in reciprocating the favor in bed because, despite his movie star money, he likes that. Wayne wears a lot of diamonds which leads to an occasional 3-way. But y’all just clueless.

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