A Mother’s Day Letter From A Generic Millennial

A Mother's Day Letter From A Generic Millennial

Mother Dearest,

It is but one day a year that is dedicated to expressing our appreciation for you and all of you’ve done, continue to do, and the amazing person that you are. One day is not enough because without your loving tender care, we would not be who we are today.

Thank you for allowing us kids to use your kitchenware as musical instruments and thank you for the lessons you purchased to learn actual instruments when you got tired of us breaking your shit.

Thank you for packing our lunches all those years. We have now have an appreciation of the finer things in life, like multi grain bread and lunch meat other than bologna, having eaten Wonder Bread every single day of our childhood.

Thank you for just spanking us once in a while instead of waiting for Dad to come home to do it. It was just hard enough for us to wince but not so hard that we couldn’t sit for the next day. Trust me, we learned our lesson.

Thank you for picking us up from all of those practices when dad had to work late, and somehow managing to make a good dinner after doing so. We now understand the magic of the crockpot in our own adult lives.

Thank you for supporting us in our relationships – both back when a girlfriend meant putting each other’s initials in our AIM profile and today when we manage to find someone naive enough to come visit the family for Thanksgiving.

Thank you for making us go to prom even though some of us didn’t have dates. You taught us how to get out of our comfort zone and the valuable lesson that everyone looks better in a tuxedo or a dress.

Thank you for insisting on driving us up to college our freshmen year to help us move in because through multiple moves, we now realize that moving is a top three least enjoyable activity along with removing wallpaper and anything involving the DMV.

Thank you for covering the ambulance ride with your insurance when we drank too much and fell down the stairs sophomore year. Our refund checks were already spent at that point. We’ve learned to hold our liquor since then.

Thank you for reaching out to all of our extended relatives and your book club network trying to find us an internship that summer of our Junior-Senior year. That more than likely played a part in landing this job we have today.

Thank you for allowing us to move back into your basement after graduation while we searched for a job upon graduation. You convinced Dad that it wouldn’t be permanent. We hated every minute of it but frankly, we had no other option.

Thank you for talking some sense into us when we wanted that loft downtown for our first real apartment. Having roommates isn’t ideal, but it sure makes the financial stress of living on our own much more reasonable.

Thank you for keeping the door unlocked when we come home for the holidays and decide to go out with our friends every Christmas and Thanksgiving weekend. And thank you for the pot of coffee the next morning.

Thank you for being understanding of how the dating world works today, and not putting unnecessary pressure on us to find a partner so soon. We know we are getting older and you want grandkids, but it’s a different time than when you and Dad grew up. So thank you for being patient.

We love you, Mom, and some of us don’t say it enough. We are sorry for the bullshit we’ve put you through but as we grow older, we realize the importance of the solid foundation you raised us on and are truly grateful for your love and support. This letter doesn’t even begin to express our thanks and gratitude for having you in our lives, but it is a start. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.


-A Generic Millennial

P.S. We communicate much better using written language, if you couldn’t tell, so could you please pick up texting? Keeping in touch would be much easier.

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