A Letter To My Future Ex-Employer

A Letter To My Future Ex-Employer

Let’s throwback to 3 years ago – I interviewed in a flawless suit and shared my hopes and dreams with my soon-to-be employer. I was told about the perks and benefits for working for your company and couldn’t wait to get my hands on the mere 3 dollar an hour raise from my previous job during college. You told me there was room for personal growth and movement within your well-off organization. I believed you.

Being a go-getter, I gave you 120%; I worked my ass off and utilized all of the skills I ever could have imagined. I saw another dollar raise and a title change within 3 months, and thought about how you were right – that I wasn’t stuck in some shit-hole job that offered their employees unrealistic dreams and expectations with minimal pay…but that was it.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. A 49/50 review – near fucking perfect. Things like “you’ve really set the standard” and “I couldn’t say enough about your work” slew from your mouth and build my eager mind with hope. Maybe all this hard work has paid off. Maybe I’ll get to see that raise, move out of my parent’s house again (ended engagement, whatever, judge me less), maybe not live paycheck to paycheck or even – maybe another opportunity for a title change. That’s when our 2-hour meeting finished and you strike me with, “Congratulations, here’s your $.50 raise for the year!”

Before you ask, of course I negotiated. I even offered to work more than I already was for a beneficial raise. Apparently there was no room in our 3.5 million dollar advertising budget. I was left feeling defeated with a measly .50 raise. It’s bad enough you’re only offering me hourly wage – no overtime and practically no benefits – but you refuse to pay me what I’m worth. For someone who’s “setting the standard,” don’t you think the standard should be compensated for their accomplishments?

And as if to say “fuck you” even more – that next week, our department held a surprise celebration for single handedly adding 2 million dollars revenue to our business. But somehow you still can’t afford to offer your employees a little bit of incentive for kicking so much ass.

Now I’m here. It’s the end of the week and I’ve maybe accomplished two things this entire work-week, mainly updating my resume and adding shit to my portfolio. You popped my work-hard attitude, my eagerness to work until the job is done, and all hope in your company is now lost. I can’t wait for the day that I get to turn in my letter of resignation and your company doesn’t know what to do without me. I’ll be utilizing my skills elsewhere.

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