4 Types Of Guys Women Should Stop Dating


There’s an old, stupid, cheesy saying a girl has to kiss a few frogs before finding her prince. While I could go on a tirade about girls thinking they’re Disney Princesses is one of the things that is destroying America, I decided to instead throw out a list of guys that women shouldn’t date. Why? Because this list filters out most of the frogs so women can focus on the guys they actually want to end up with instead of comparing themselves to Disney Princesses. I know, wishful thinking, right?

Guys who don’t like guy things

The same way they say don’t trust a woman who doesn’t have girl friends, don’t trust a guy who doesn’t like traditional guy things. This is a major red flag. I’ve heard women bitch and moan that their boyfriend doesn’t like the same things they do. Totally understandable for a girl to want her boyfriend to be her best friend, but is that what you really want? A guy who Pinterests wedding dresses, eats a whole jar of Nutella while watching Harry Potter, posts cropped and filtered sorority squat pictures on his Instagram, and speaks in abbrevs? No way. Women want a man. A real man. Real men like at least two of the big five—sports, guns, nice cars, sex, and money. If a guy doesn’t have masculine interests, he’s likely not going to be masculine when you need him to be.

Status quo guy

Dating someone who you may potentially end up with is a way to improve your life. If it wasn’t an improvement, you wouldn’t be dating them. That said, if you’re trying to move forward with your life and your career, stay away from status quo guy. Status quo guy isn’t particularly ambitious and is completely happy living paycheck-to-paycheck at his current job while staying within his comfort zone and doing the same things over and over again, going to the same bars, getting drunk Saturday, recovering Sunday, and scheduling an afternoon shift for Monday so he can sleep in. There’s nothing wrong with a routine, but status quo guy takes it to the extreme. He never wants anything to change, not even for the better. Do you want to get stuck in that cycle with him?

The guy who acts like he’s your dad

This guy’s a total insecure control freak and wants to control every aspect of your life. Women occasionally like to be told what to do, especially if she can’t make a decision or if it’s in the bedroom. However, women do draw a line, and understandably so, when it starts carrying over into other parts of your life. It’s easy to spot. He’ll criticize your career choice, tell you which friends you should hang out with, insult the way you dress, and find problems with almost everything you do. Taking advantage of daddy issues? No, this guy is just a control freak and needs everything to be how he wants it to be, and if he’s not happy with any of your life decisions, why should you date him?

The Misogynist

The term misogyny has been thrown around a lot as of late, in the wake of this new wave of feminism that is washing over…social media, mostly. It seems to have become that if a guy doesn’t agree with every aspect of this current feminist trend, he’s a misogynist. But I digress, I’ve already written a detailed column on feminism for Total Frat Move. That said, there are REAL misogynists out there. These are the guys who want a boring, plain, overly obedient and meek wife who will raise the kids, clean the house, and sit around bored waiting for him to come home. A fine expectation back when women weren’t considered more “baby ovens” than they were people, probably not the primary choice for modern women. I’m a traditionalist in many ways, and and if a woman wants the housewife life I have no problem with her making that choice, but a guy with a 1400 AD world view on women’s role in society, which is basically pumping out babies, maintaining the home, and being used as a prop, is pretty extreme, and I doubt the majority of women nowadays would even want to tolerate that.

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