36 Ways Having A Younger Sibling Changes Your Life Forever


  1. You’ve learned to pounce on the best snacks in the pantry the first chance you get, even if you aren’t hungry.
  2. The day they were finally old enough to help with chores was one of the happiest in your life.
  3. You’ve ordered Diet Sprite with dinner as a child because you were tired of them copying you.
  4. You’ve perfected the art of asserting your dominance by using them as an armrest.
  5. There’s no argument that can’t be solved when there’s pizza for dinner.
  6. You know how it feels to be the coolest person in the universe in someone’s eyes.
  7. You always know how to pick the coolest Christmas presents.
  8. “Helping with homework” always turned into an argument or Nerf gun warfare.
  9. You never realized how fast they grew up until the moment that they became taller than you.
  10. You give the advice that Mom and Dad would never even consider.
  11. You know how it feels to tell someone Santa doesn’t exist.
  12. You’ve had the chance to introduce someone to the classic Nickelodeon cartoons.
  13. If throwing small people into a pool was an Olympic sport, you’d be a gold medal contender.
  14. You know the terror of accidentally sending someone you care about to the hospital.
  15. You’ve learned that you can never force someone to enjoy playing the same sports as you.
  16. You watched cartoons for years longer than the average person, and you loved every minute of it.
  17. You started hounding them about their college decision when they were only 14.
  18. You realized that you forgot every single thing you learned in your high school math classes.
  19. You’re an expert at pretending you know what you’re talking about when giving advice about the opposite sex.
  20. The day that you couldn’t pick them up anymore changed the way you looked at the world.
  21. You’ve made it your personal mission to make sure they have good taste in music.
  22. You understand the pressure of being a role model.
  23. It hurts to see, but you can’t help but laugh when they make the same mistakes you did.
  24. You’re constantly reminded of how cool you thought you were at their age.
  25. And, more importantly, how wrong you were.
  26. You’ve given the “In my day, we didn’t even have smartphones/Facebook/any of the cool stuff you guys do,” speech.
  27. You’ve realized that they know how to use the internet even better than you do.
  28. You remember every tiny detail about the day they were born.
  29. You regularly forget what grade they’re in, and are always shocked when they remind you.
  30. Your life back home improved significantly on the day they got their driver’s license.
  31. Your inside jokes have survived for years, and they still crack you up even if they’re not that funny.
  32. You’ve dealt with enough sleepover parties to learn to be as patient as Gandhi.
  33. You understand what it feels like to sneak someone their first beer…
  34. …and were instantly reminded of how disgusting your first beer tasted.
  35. Some of the best memories in your life start with “Don’t tell Mom.”
  36. No matter how far away you go, you know what it’s like to be someone’s hero.

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Joe Nullet

Joe is the VP of Branding & Marketing for Grandex Inc and co-host of the Dudes Doing Business Podcast. He prides himself on his abundance of LinkedIn Powerpoint Endorsements.

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