16 Wonderful Benefits Attached To Being An Unattractive Human Being

16 Wonderful Benefits Attached To Being An Unattractive Human Being

It would be nice to be a real-life, walking, talking 10/10, but let’s be honest, none of us are even close to being that attractive.

In actuality, we are all hideous, vile cretins maintaining our 9-to-5s so we can fund our Netflix accounts, fast-food habits, and the occasional Plan B pill after a raucous night on the town. But being ugly isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s got some undeniably sweet perks. The good people of Reddit listed all the benefits of being unattractive, and who are we to complain about these solid amenities?

From Reddit:

People laugh at your jokes for real

Ugly people get no courtesy laughs.

People assume your successes are based on your skills.

I mean, why else were you hired? Unless the boss has a thing for extremely large noses, it can’t be because of looks.

My phone battery lasts a really long time.

Don’t have to deal with the constant barrage of texts from suitors.

Never have to wonder “does she like me?”

She probably doesn’t! Now back to drinking.

If you’re an introvert, less people will make an effort to talk to you!

This is actually a legit benefit.

Its easy to create your character on every RPG

All RPG’s are notoriously hideous.

Get to play tinder on hardcore mode.

Harder and more hurtful than any video game imaginable.

I can rest assured that the women are after me for what’s real, tangible, and unwavering: my money. It’s oddly comforting.

At least you have money.

No one will pay your ransom. Therefore less likely to be kidnapped.

Low risk, low reward.

I can grow an awesome beard to hide half of my face…

A benefit for 50 percent of us.

When you end up with a hot girl all of your friends are really impressed.

And suspicious.

No sense of entitlement instilled at an early age.

Nothing in life is given to us.

No social life. It cost money to maintain friendship. Like visiting the cinema, go to clubs. Internet friends are more fun just get drunk and play some games.

It’s cost-effective.

You won’t be surrounded by shallow people.

The more attractive the person, the shallower the friend group.

Don’t have to try hard to look my best.

Ready in half the time.

The debilitating self-esteem issues make people think you’re quirky 🙁

Quirky is a #trending #trait these days.

There you have it. It pays to be unattractive. To read more reasons and replies about the benefits of being unattractive, click HERE.

[via Reddit]

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