12 TV Shows With The Most Annoying Fanbases

12 TV Shows With The Most Annoying Fanbases

Have you ever been peacefully browsing Twitter in the late evening when you realize everyone is talking about something that makes absolutely zero sense to you? Yeah, me too. Everyone has been a victim of annoying TV show fans flooding social media with their cultish nonsense. Let’s look at some of the worst.

12. Breaking Bad
The fans aren’t as annoying now as they were when the show was still airing new episodes, but since they were so insufferable when the show was rolling, they still make the list.

11. Pretty Little Liars
Do you know who A is yet?

10. Keeping Up With The Kardashians
You are single-handedly contributing to the downfall of society.

9. Any Late Show
“Wow, look at this YouTube clip from this show last night haha so edgy and funny.” You didn’t even stay up to watch the show, you’re just sharing some video Buzzfeed told you was funny. Congratulations.

8. My Little Pony
Sorry, but I need to be honest. You are all depressed losers attempting to live in a perfect fantasy world. The only problem with this fantasy world is that it’s directed to young girls, and the majority of you are grown men. I understand escapism, but this is just way too weird for that. It’s gotten way too weird. It needs to stop. You should go Google what “cloppers” are.

7. Supernatural
This show is super weird, and the way the fans act is not natural. Are all of its fans in a cult?

6. Grey’s Anatomy
I am a well-known Grey’s lover. However, with that being said, Grey’s fans are the worst. Whether they are obsessing over McDreamy or McSteamy (by the way, I’m 100% Team McSteamy) or if they are complaining about Shonda Rhimes and her love of drama, these fans are excessive. I see a Grey’s meme hit my timeline every day, and while I personally don’t hate them, I will be the first to admit how annoying the fans are.

5. The Walking Dead
It seems that the fans here have slowed down a bit, but this is one of those shows that take over my Twitter feed when it is on. Is a show about a bunch of people in Georgia during the zombie apocalypse really that entertaining? I feel like the whole zombie thing is totally overdone at this point. Zombies aren’t real and never will be real, so please stop encouraging doomsday preppers, because your show is giving them way too many ideas.

4. Stranger Things
I tried to get into this show, but just couldn’t. Combine my disinterest with the show with the annoying fans on Twitter and it is now on the list. Why is everyone obsessed with a bunch of kids with subpar acting? Kids are always bad at acting, everyone knows that.

3. Dr. Who
Ha, wow, you’re so cool. Let me guess, your other car is a Tardis? Only real Whovians make sure people know they are all about the Tardis. TARDIS. “Look at me, I watch some quirky British show that has a cult following so I’m better than you.” Thanks for basically ruining Imgur, jackasses. You’re the worst.

2. The Bachelor/Bachelorette
I realize that by putting this here I’m subjecting myself to a lot of hate, but be honest with yourselves. Do you actually enjoy watching this practically-scripted reality show, or do you just watch it so you can look cool and have something to talk about with your friends? The last time I watched any of the three shows from this franchise, it was so that I could tweet about it and be relevant. Unless you’re watching it to laugh at people thinking they’ll find real love while competing with 20+ others all making out with the bachelor/bachelorette in question, but even then, stop talking about your stupid show.

1. Game of Thrones
The only thing worse than GoT fans consistently making real-life references from this show would be Harry Potter fans doing the same with their movie. There are other shows out there that are also good. You realize there are books, right? I’m tired of you shoving your HBO elitism down my throat. I’m sorry I like to save money. Also, can I please have Twitter back on Sunday nights? I’m too lazy to mute.

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