Three Mistreated Employees Quit Via Very Public, Embarrassing Resignation Letter

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Niki, Jess, and Teej came to play hardball, and did so after bearing the final straw upon their mistreated backs. Boss Jamie, the district manager and apparent fuckface, took one right on the chin by way of a very large, very public, very embarrassing resignation letter.

“Cancer is not an excuse.” – Manager Jamie

That was probably the line that did her/him in. Just really uncool.

This colorful letter was pinned to the outside of one of those mall cage things they pull down at closing. The store is Journeys. They sell footwear and apparel, and in the midst of back-to-school shopping, they were down three employees — a store manager, a co-manager, and a key holder. Even odds says TJ was the “Key Holder.” No way in hell anyone that goes by TJ is put in any kind of authoritative position.

This whole situation is a real shame, too. Who’s gonna sling all those Sperry Topsiders?


[via Gawker]

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