“The Bachelorette” Fantasy Suite Bingo, By A Dude

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"The Bachelorette" Fantasy Suite Bingo, By A Dude

Alright, folks – Hometown Dates Bingo put a competitive spin on an otherwise mind-numbingly dull episode, so let’s keep this train going. With the Rose Ceremony from last week’s episode and three Fantasy Suite dates, there’s a lot of potential material coming up this week, and any excuse to drink excessive amounts of wine is welcome.

Same rules as last week – click here to get your Bingo board. I’ll be live-tweeting the episode from @CrickWatsonMD as we check off squares. Once you get five in a row, take a picture and tweet it at me.

Here are the squares for this week:

– Chase gets sent home
– Jordan gets sent home
– Robby gets sent home
– Luke gets sent home
– JoJo tells a dude she loves him
– JoJo cries
– Dude cries
– Popping champagne bottles
– Rose petals covering a bed
– Hot tub make out
– “Do Not Disturb” door sign
– Sex Hair
– Off-screen sex noises
– “I would marry JoJo”
– “Best night of my life”
– “Taking things to the next level”
– “This is the hardest decision yet”
– “I don’t want you to feel any pressure”
– “I’m trying to find my husband”
– Reference to not sleeping at all
– Reference to a dude’s junk
– Reference to Aaron Rodgers
– Reference to Robby’s ex
– ABC exploits another horse
– Awkward interaction with locals outside the resort
– Heart-to-heart with Chris Harrison
– Date on a yacht or sailboat
– Unnecessary face touching

And, as always,

– “Right reasons”

Image via John Naffziger

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