Morning T Boost: Huddle Up

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Providing you with the ultimate roll over, check your phone, T Boost on the web. It’s science. Look it up.


We’re so close. Not even Kenny Albert’s muppet voice can ruin the football high that I’m on. Go do your job right now and the real thing will be consuming your Sunday, Monday and Thursday before you know it.

Top down

Duck out a little early today. Run by the dealership and trade in that Camry for droptop. Blare jams. Pickup chicks. Repeat.


Strong. You have rights. Exercise them.

Rome is burning

Run your mouth enough and it’ll come back to bite you. Unless you’re ready to back it up, keep your mouth shut.

Trap or die

I told y’all to trap or die a long time ago. Do we know what that means? No we don’t. But it sounds cool as shit.

Bring heat.

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