Life In Your 20s According To Kevin McCallister

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1. You’re going to start caring about things you normally didn’t care about.


2. Some things will never stop making you happy.


3. You are going to have to make some tough decisions when it comes to friends.


4. Your tastes will become more refined.


5. You’ll start enjoying and appreciating free time more than you ever have.


6. Your slut phase is going to end sooner or later.


7. Remember to stay in touch with old friends.


8. You’ll start asking more important, meaningful questions.


9. You’ll want to make bold decisions.


10. You’re still fun. You just don’t have as much time to be fun as you used to.


11. No one is going to stop you from doing what you want.


12. Don’t be disappointed when you go back to your college town and no one knows you.


13. You’re not going to like everyone you work with.


14. Nothing feels as good as that first promotion and raise.

Mac Culkin Home Alone 3

15. You might have to lower your standards at some point.


16. You’re going to be learning a ton of new names.


17. You’ll have less of a problem with expressing your opinions.


18. You’re still going to have trouble figuring some simple things out.


19. You’re not turning into a bad person, it just feels that way.


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  1. 26

    All this article did is remind me that Macaulay Culkin used to be a cool little kid and now he looks like his next Home Alone movie would be filmed in a meth den.

    Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 2 years ago
    • 0
      TN Bluegrass

      At least by dropping out of acting he wasn’t involved in those filmed abortions, Home Alone 3 or 4

      Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 2 years ago
  2. 7

    I know this is Kevin in the picture, but this article looks like Buzz(feed)

    Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 2 years ago
    • 5
      Brian McGannon

      Everyone does this style now. It’s not exclusive to Buzzfeed. It’s easy, shareable content. Now, if all of our columns start looking like this, then we’ll have a problem.

      Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 2 years ago
      • 8

        not trying to zing ya, i know it’s ubiquitous. I think your straight up lists are the best content though. The Christmas Party Power Moves had me laughing at my desk like a GD idiot.

        Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 2 years ago