Brendan Dassey’s Half-Brother Just Dropped The “Making A Murderer” Rap Anthem We All Deserve

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Brendan Dassey's Brother Just Dropped The "Making A Murderer" Rap Anthem We All Deserve

Making A Murderer is the new Serial. Everyone knows that. Whether it’s Avery’s lawyers doing extended interviews on YouTube, 300,000+ people signing a petition for Avery to be pardoned, or everyone going way too deep into Reddit searching for answers, everyone has caught the fever.

We already brought you dude from The Black Keys’ innocence ballad, but he just got put on notice by Brendan Dassey’s half-brother, Brad, who just dropped the firejam of the century in the form of a Christian rap song.

Listen to Brad Dassey’s “He Didn’t Do It” for yourself —

Bruh. Someone might as well put the crying Michael Jordan face on prosecutor Ken Kratz‘s face because that dude just got scorched. “Not a fair trial, not a fair game, the whole thing’s wack, just a crying shame” is going to be stuck in my head until Brendan is released.

Drake said it, and I think Brad Dassey would agree — “Money comes, money goes, family stays.”

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