Yuppies In New York Are Freaking Out About Rampant Cocaine Busts

High Profile Cocaine Busts In NYC Ruining Everyones Good Time

When I think of New York City, my mind immediately goes to one movie: American Psycho. Patrick Bateman and his merry band of yuppies gallivanting around the Lower East Side working in finance by day and blowing massive amounts of cocaine by night. I think of overindulgence, all night parties in high rise apartments, and heavy drug use. Cocaine and New York City go together like peanut butter and jelly. Cocaine is an expensive habit, and it’s no surprise to me that high profile executives in the city are users of nose coffee. Just last week, a millionaire executive from Chipotle, a Fox Business Network producer, and a Merrill Lynch associate were all arrested in a sting operation carried out by the NYPD.

From The New York Post:

“This is actually terrifying. Everybody is scared.”

To hear the people interviewed talking about how the sting has affected their lives you would have thought that there was a serial murderer on the loose or a family member had just passed away.

“My [dealer] was stuck in Queens and the bartender told us about a guy we could talk to [in a corner of the bar]. Before the bust was in the news, we would have taken a shot. But now I’m more cautious. We thought he looked too clean-cut. We didn’t get involved.”

Absolutely hysterical stuff here. Their liberties are being stepped on! They need this stuff. I for one can’t believe the nerve of the NYPD. Yuppies are people too. Just because they want to use a highly addictive and illegal drug every weekend doesn’t mean they deserved to be victims of a sting operation.

“The arrests are crazy, especially in . . . New York. It’s like busting people for drinking coffee.”

Don’t try and justify your 400-dollar a week habit by saying “This is New York.” If you want to buy cocaine then buy cocaine. Isn’t part of the appeal of this drug knowing that it’s very illegal and you can get in a lot of trouble for having it? These testimonials don’t really surprise me. New Yorkers are going to continue to seek out cocaine for as long as the Earth continues to spin. Today is a sad, sad, day for New York City. I bet the price of an eight ball has sky rocketed since this news. Here’s hoping all of you New Yorkers aren’t affected too adversely by this horrible, menacing, atrocity.

[via New York Post]

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