You’re Weird If You Don’t Pee In The Shower

You're Weird If You Don't Pee In The Shower

There are two types of people in the world: those that pee in the shower and those that lie about it. Go ahead, pretend to be outraged. I’m sure when you’re in the shower and have to take a squeege, you step out, dry off and go in the toilet. Then there’s water everywhere. Then you have to get back in, let the piss fester in the toilet because you don’t want your hot water turning cold on you. Why bother with all the bullshit? For me, I’d have to step over my 60 lb. puppy because for whatever reason, she loves to lay in the bathroom when I shower. Way too much of a hassle.

The water all goes to the same place so I don’t see the big deal. It’s like picking your nose: we all do it but no one talks about it. A cursory search finds that anywhere from 60-80% of people do it anyway. Thankfully for all of you, I Fucking Love Science did the math so you don’t have to.

An average flush for a modern, Western-style toilet uses 6 liters (1.6 gallons) of water, and the average adult pees about seven times every 24 hours. That means that each day of weeing takes 42 liters (11.1 gallons) of toilet water to flush away. Assuming that people urinate the same way every single day, this means in just one year, the average person uses 15,330 liters (4,050 gallons) of toilet water.

There are 319 million people in the US, so assuming they all pee the same – which they don’t, but we’re making broadly accurate assumptions here – that’s about 4.9 trillion liters (1.3 trillion gallons) of water flushed away in the name of urine every 365 days. For comparison, that’s like flushing away 1.97 million Olympic-sized swimming pools’ worth per annum.
Now, if you peed in the shower, you’d massively reduce this figure. Say that this means that you only pee in a toilet six, not seven times, per day. This means that in just one year, you’d save 2,190 liters (579 gallons) of toilet water. Extrapolating this to the entire US population, that’s 699 billion liters (185 billion gallons) of water saved.

I’m all about helping out the planet. We kind of need water, so do plants, animals, beer; you name it and it probably needs water directly or indirectly in some form or another. I’m sure some people will be grossed out, and that’s fine. I guess you never learned from Patches O’Houlihan that pee is sterile or that Bear Grylls regularly drinks his own piss. Moisés Alou used to piss on his hands in the shower to keep them tough and he turned out alright. Keep your drain clear you and won’t have any backup problems, and wash out the shower from time to time.

Why stop in the shower? I pee outside every chance I can. It goes through the ground and is filtered out, does some water cycle shit and bam, clean again. The same water we are drinking now was in dinosaur piss millions of years ago. There is nothing more freeing that stepping off your porch, behind a tree in nature or wherever you may be and pissing right then and there. Our ancestors have been doing it for thousands of years and they built all sorts of cool shit like the Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower and the Jaws ride at Universal Studios.

As a citizen of the world, it’s important to care about the Earth. In a world where we are constantly on the go, who has time to step out of the shower? You’re gonna drip water all over the toilet, the floor, get wet footprints or freeze your ass off in the winter. You could even be hitting up a shower beer to replenish. The world is your toilet and our time on Earth is way too short to care where we pee.

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