You’re Not Savage, You’re Just Trash

You’re Not Savage, You’re Just Trash

Out of all the irritating vernacular our generation has adopted, none grind my gears like the term “savage(!).” Some celebrity tweets a personal or crude, petty insult at another celebrity or online heckler — “Savage!” A guy sends a pic of another guy’s girlfriend in his bed to him as a “diss” — “Savage!” For the love of God, shut up. There’s nothing savage about it. Back in the day, the word savage was reserved for tribal cultures that practiced human sacrifice and behaved liked barbarians. ISIS beheading innocent hostages and keeping sex slaves? Savage. Cannibalism? Savage. Being trashy for the sake of shock value? Not savage. Just trashy.

I had optimistically hoped our generation wouldn’t become one that acts like a bunch of pieces of crap just to get a reaction. I was wrong. Thankfully, I don’t hang around anyone who has such little class and is so needy for attention that they’ll mistreat a woman or pick a fight with a guy for the sake of being “savage!” Don’t forget the exclamation point. True, there have always been trashy people, but it seems like the phenomenon has become more common over the past several years. Maybe they were always there and the Internet has just caused them to be more exposed to the general public. The Trump phenomenon hasn’t helped it, either. It’s turned so many people into more obnoxious jerks than they already are.

Am I making the most ignorant, privileged complaint ever about people not having manners? Not really. Sure, I prefer the company of people who have at least some class, but we’re only human. People get in arguments and insult each other. People can be rude to each other in one way or another. But there should be some level of civility to balance out the moral bankruptcy of modern society. It’s certainly disheartening to see people intentionally be shitty for the sake of shock value. Having a little shame is what separates us from the beasts. Do you think Harambe would have tolerated this kind of behavior? No way.

In all seriousness, being “savage” is just being trashy. You can’t tell me posting videos of guys walking in on their girlfriends cheating and recording street fights on your phone (savage!) makes life more appealing and worthwhile. If anything, it’s embarrassing and unbecoming of citizens of the greatest country on Earth. Keep that garbage where it belongs—in the trailer park. And get rid of using the term savage(!) in this context. It’s not savage, it’s garbage.

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"Technically, Pablo Escobar was in sales."

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