Your Daily Starbucks Run Is About To Get A Lot More Expensive

Your Daily Starbucks Run Is About To Get A Lot More Expensive

I get that I’m broke and I probably shouldn’t be making a daily coffee stop, but taking that one extra step of brewing coffee or suffering through yet another K-cup just isn’t worth it to me, so I tough it up, spend a couple of bucks on my Starbucks mobile order, and pretend that I was fifteen minutes late to work because of “traffic,” and not because I was waiting in line behind a white girl who couldn’t decide if she wanted a triple skinny vanilla latte or a double chocolate chip frappucino lite. All in all, this only costs me a couple of bucks, so the stop is always worth the price to me. However, I may either have to start embracing the break room coffee or ask for a raise, because my daily coffee stops are about to become a lot more expensive.

As if Starbucks wasn’t already expensive enough, the franchise is now opening higher-end “Reserve” stores, making me wonder how the hell I was managing to order a $6 latte to begin with. The P.F. Chang’s to Starbuck’s Pei Wei, these new, upgraded Starbucks Reserve stores come with a catch – the cheapest cup of coffee you can get here is $4. Keep in mind that we’re not talking about some sugary, blended concoction here – a 12 oz. cup of black coffee at Starbucks Reserve costs a minimum of $4.

Of course, if you’re a coffee connoisseur, it may be worth the trip, as the stores will feature exotic, limited edition blends that make your daily blonde Veranda roast look like Folger’s. You don’t have to live in Manhattan or San Francisco to blow your entire paycheck on coffee either – Starbucks is opening 500 of these specialty stores all over the country, so you should easily be able to find a location near you. Will I give it a try? Of course, because I’m a basic white girl, and spending too much money on coffee that I don’t even enjoy that much makes me feel special. However, since I somehow get the impression that these baristas will be a little less understanding about my daily order of a grande triple skinny extra-hot no-foam caramel latte with a straw, I think plain old Starbs will continue to suit me just fine.

[via Business Insider]

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