Your Cell Phone Addiction Is The Reason You Think You’re An Insomniac

Your Cell Phone Addiction Is The Reason You're Sleeping Like Crap

It’s midnight, you know you have to be up early tomorrow to prepare for a big presentation, but you just can’t get to sleep. You tried turning Night Shift on, because you heard that blue light is bad for your sleep schedule, but you’re still wide awake, but just with an orange screen that’s harder to read. You figure that maybe the activity of using your phone is keeping your brain active, so you try to put it away, but surprise, nothing happens again. Since you’ve eliminated all phone-related problems, your lack of sleep surely isn’t being caused by your handheld electronic devices, right?

Wrong. Thanks to a new study in JAMA Pediatrics, we know that our phones are keeping us awake, whether or not we use Night Shift, and whether or not we’re actually using them at bedtime. Awesome. Oh, and it gets better – once we do fall asleep, we’ll have a much worse quality of sleep leading us to restless nights and exhaustion the next morning. Seriously, great news. I just have to go back in time to 2007 before I had an Internet-enabled phone, and I’ll get right back on track!

Dr. Ben Carter from King’s College London examined a bunch of studies and was able to come to the decisive conclusion that using our phones before bedtime definitely leads to sleeping problems. We’ve known about this for a while, so we’ve tried to combat this a little with Night Shift and putting the phone down after setting our alarms, but it turns out that’s not really enough. Apparently, just having your phone near you when you sleep is enough to send a psychologically stimulating signal to your brain, which is keeping you awake. And since 72 percent of kids and 89 percent of adolescents sleep with their phones near their beds, I’m willing to bet most of you do too.

A supposedly “easy” solution to this problem is to ban your phone from the bedroom at night, but honestly, this sounds even worse to me. On top of the problem that I use my phone as my morning alarm, I can see myself laying in bed awake without my phone wondering if I’m getting important texts or e-mails and still getting up no less than ten times to check it. If you’re as ADD and anxiety-ridden as me, you may just be SOL and doomed to poor sleep forever, but if you think you have enough self-control to get by, you may want to try plugging in your phone somewhere else tonight and seeing just how refreshed you feel when waking up for work tomorrow morning.

[via Elite Daily]

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