Your Answer To Not Spending An Ungodly Amount Of Money This Weekend

Your Answer To Not Spending An Ungodly Amount Of Money This Weekend

You have two choices this weekend.

The first is a large undertaking. We’re talking Ubers to and from brunch that are going to cost you in the ballpark of somewhere between $7.43 and $12.91, and that’s without the whole tip thing that they’re forcing you to do now. While at brunch, yeah, spending $10 on bottomless mimosas seems like a good idea, but so does that chicken and waffles that’ll make you want need a nap in the afternoon. If you go with a lighter choice, you’re faced with spending $13.95 on half of an avocado spread on a piece of bread. Fuck that.

Because you’ve got a buzz from brunch, day drinking somehow becomes less of a chore and more like the only idea in the entire world that will keep your momentum going. That $12.91 Uber now takes you to another bar rather than your apartment. A $22 bucket of Miller Lites later and you’re staring dinner directly in the face. You’re too drunk to go to the store and too lazy to make anything for yourself. Hop on OpenTable, and a few minutes later, you’re sending out a text to those who napped about the rezzie you made. Rallying the troops.

Cocktail, cocktail, cocktail, and all of the sudden you’re browned out at a bar where you can’t hear yourself think. But that’s probably a good thing because you’re blasted and know you have a two-day hangover coming your way. $12 vodka-soda after $12 vodka-soda and you come to in an Uber. 2.4x surge pricing. You pass out and wake up too destroyed to even move come Sunday morning. The next 12 hours are spent in front of the television watching football with the only steps you’re taking being the ones that take you from the couch to the front door where your equally hungover Favor driver drops off your third ordered meal of the day. You’re $200 in the hole, minimum.

Which brings us to your second option.

Random Tropical Paradise. Is it a movie that Grandex had a hand in producing? Yeah, it is. Is it also a movie we stand behind and laughed at because it’s hilarious? Also yes. The good news? It’s $.99. Yeah, less than a dollar. Less than the Ubers you could’ve taken. Less than that OpenTable reservation. Less than your bucket of beers.

The best part? It won’t ruin the next two days of your life and the only cost you may or may not incur is a bottom-shelf bottle of wine from the bodega down the street where the guy behind the counter knows you by name. An $8.99 Pinot, maybe a $12.99 Cab if you got paid this week.

Want better news? Even if you did go with option number one? It’s still only $.99 for you because they’re running a flash sale all damn weekend. And at that point, another dollar in your expensive weekend is a mere drop in the well. Enjoy. People are saying it’s the best way to cure the Sunday Scaries once that RedZone clock runs out.

* * *

Random Tropical Paradise is a feature-length comedy from Grandex Productions in conjunction with Shabash Films and Gunpowder & Sky Distribution that is an iTunes Best Seller. The film stars Bryan Greenberg (The Mindy Project), Brooks Wheelan (Saturday Night Live), Spencer Grammer (Rick and Morty), film legend Joe Pantoliano (The Sopranos, The Matrix, plus a billion other A+ works), Brittany Furlan (of Vine fame), Kyle Kinane (Funny People), and more. Check out the trailer before you rent your $0.99 copy and you’ll see what all the hype on Entertainment Tonight, @Midnight, Entertainment Weekly Radio, Hollywood Reporter, and more was all about. Or, see what TFM had to say about it as well.

Rent ‘Random Tropical Paradise’ on iTunes for only 99 cents and save yourself a few hundred bucks this weekend.

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