You Can Play Super Mario 64 On Your Computer, It’s Obviously A Solid Time Killer

You Can Play Super Mario 64 On Your Computer, It's Obviously A Solid Time Killer
Super Mario 64 was a world-changing, legendary masterpiece of a video game, the first game of its kind that anyone had ever seen. It took that chubby, mustachioed Italian plumber we all loved to play with in a 2-D, sidescroller, cartoony game, and put him in a fully three-dimensional world. It probably introduced you to 3-D gaming, dominated your childhood, and blew your fucking mind on Christmas of 1996. I mean, that’s when I got it…for Hanukkah, anyway.

You probably remember that first level as vividly as you remember the first time you had sex. It was glorious, took some getting used to, was probably a little rough around the edges, and then you have the song that was playing in the background stuck in your head from that moment until the end of time. No wonder it was called “Chip Off Womp’s Block.”

Well, some genius rebuilt the entire first level in fully-rendered, fully-working High Definition, and the results are glorious.

And the best part is? You can PLAY IT. RIGHT NOW. IN YOUR WEB BROWSER.

Developer/Genius/Wizard, Roystan Ross built the demo as part of his Super Character Controller project for Unity, which is the game engine/platform for which Ross constructed the entire level from the ground up. And because the Unity platform is so integrated, you can play it right in your web browser. All you have to do is follow this link, download the Unity Web Player and BOOM — fully HD Mario right in your web browser.

It’s not perfect. There’s no giant Whomps or King Bob-ombs waiting for you at the top of the mountain. It doesn’t play that lullaby when you sneak past the sleeping Piranha Plant. Hell, there’s no sleeping Piranha plant, nor is there a vicious chain chomp waiting for you. But there are Goombas, giant bubbles, little Bob-ombs that explode on you, those boulders that knock you right the fuck out, and enough other cool shit to send you on a nostalgic ride right back to 1996. You’ll think you can turn the game off, pick up a Surge and kick back and watch Michael Jordan light it up on the court.

[via TechCruch]

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