You Can Now Pay Someone To Clean Up Your Digital Mess After A Breakup

You Can Now Pay Someone To Cut Your Digital Ties For You After A Break Up

I am (very luckily) at the point in my life where I am able to pay people to do the stuff I could take care of myself, but simply don’t want to do anymore. I have a landscaper to mow my lawn. I send my laundry out. I have a standing bi-weekly appointment at the nail salon. I justify these expenses by claiming I am too busy with work and school and a mediocre social life to be bothered with doing these trivial things myself, but the fact of the matter is, I’m just lazy. Plus, if there are services that can do these things for me, why not?

Well, adding to the list of things you can have done for you is a woman named Caroline Sinders, who has dubbed herself a “Social Media Break Up Coordinator.” What the hell does that mean? Well, pretty much that you can now pay someone to un-connect your digital world from those you want to cut ties with, whether it be an ex-boy/girlfriend or an annoying co-worker.

Although Sinders dreamed this concept up as “a speculative job and art project” that was designed to poke a bit of fun at the fact that “you can outsource any handling of your life to someone else,” it’s actually turned kind of legit, with Sinders holding her first “office hours” this past weekend, doling out advice and “prescriptions” on index cards. Among the services Sinders provides, according the The Daily Dot:

• Unfriending an ex for you
• Deleting photos from your phone or social media profiles
• Erasing someone’s contact information from your phone (but keeping it for you just in case you want it back)
• Creating emails to send to over-sharing coworkers
• Unfollowing or unfriending accounts associated not just with the person you want to forget, but their connections, too.

According to Sinders, her services aren’t that much different than the ones I already pay for: “The thing I noticed is that once you start to get to know someone and that relationship sours … it’s still really hard to mute someone that you know that is being mean to you or won’t talk to you, or broke up with you, or you hurt them. That doesn’t feel good for most people. It’s a manual labor you have to do, and when you’re in a high-stress or highly emotional place, it’s another frustrating thing — it’s a mechanism that adds to the frustration of living.”

Sure, it seems a bit silly to pay someone to do all of these things when I could simply unfriend people and delete numbers myself. But I could also mow my own lawn, wash my own clothes and do my own nails… so where do I sign up?

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