Writers’ Roundtable: What Do You Miss About Your College Town

Writers' Roundtable: Which Celebrity Do You Wanna Party With?

Isn’t post-grad life great? No, no it isn’t. Now it’s not that bad, but it’s certainly not college. You killed it in college; had the absolute time of your life. Would you go back if you could? Of course not, because you’re too old and there’s no way you could hang like you used to. What you can do is fondly remember the things you miss. Our writers weigh in on the thing they miss most about their college town.

The thing I miss most of all from college is the people. Sure it sucked living in the house being at the mercy of your brothers and their shitty friends, shackers or girlfriends but there were some great times too. Someone was always awake and if you were having a rough time, there were always people. Life was also never boring as there was always something to do. A lot of people moved away from my college town but I’m still stuck here (for now). People always stay with me when they visit but its not the same. I miss looking down the hallway to see open doors, knowing what days we were going out, having prime real estate for any concert or always having parties. — MadoffInvestment

The biggest thing I miss about Harrisonburg is Cookout. And this amazing burger joint called Jack Browns. But beyond food (the important things) I really miss the Shenandoah Valley. My college town was surrounded by natural beauty, and we could hike up in the mountains or float the river in the same day. — Delph

The thing I miss most about my college town was the absolute absence of law enforcement. Memphis was a crime-ridden shithole in the mid-2000s. I often equate it to New Orleans around the same time, except with no celebrities caring about it. Essentially, as long as you weren’t shooting at a person, cops would leave you alone. Running red lights while driving drunk at 3am was not just commonplace, it was a necessity for not getting carjacked. You could do pretty much anything, so we did. — Icehouse

The thing I miss the most is being so close to everyone. In college I could just walk right on over to someone’s house and getting together was a breeze. Now with weddings, work, relationships, and distance separating us all, getting the gang all back together is so much more difficult.
It makes you really appreciate all the fond memories, stories, and the chances you have to still make new ones..– PostGradShibby

Baseball would be the easy answer, but I’ll go in depth with something else. Sunday Funday. Now I could always get a sitter one day and do a Sunday Funday. But in Odessa, Tx I had my best friends cracking beers with me at 8am in our filthy from the night before home. We had our morning “brunch” at Buffet King, where they didn’t mind that a few guys smelling like human garbage who brought their own aluminum pints were mingling with the church crowd. Go home after, maybe roll out the, “You Honk, We Drink” sign out in the front yard and just get plastered. It was the best of times.– Kyle Bandujo

The obvious answer here is Alabama football. I would get beat over the head with crimson and white shakers and/or assorted houndstooth memorabilia if I answered this question any differently. There is nothing like waking up to ripping shots of Fireball with your roommates on the front porch and the sound of Thunderstruck by AC/DC echoing inside Bryant-Denny Stadium. The only thing better than smoking cigars in the stadium, sneaking in a plastic flask of SoCo in your boot, or chugging game day Yellowhammers with 151 floaters at Gallette’s, is scream-singing the extra lyrics to Dixieland Delight. Fuck Auburn. You guys are trash.–Taylor Stovall

I miss Orono House of Pizza more than anything else in my college town. I have yet to come across a pizza joint that gives me a food boner like OHOP. Buffalo chicken calzone with blue cheese (blue zone) is amazing. After the bars are closed it was standard protocol to call up OHOP and have a BBQ chicken pizza delivered to your door so you could eat the whole thing before passing out only to wake up next to the empty box. On my 21st I stumbled from the bars all the way to OHOP to order a pizza. Someone called the cops on me being the concerned citizen they were, so I was met by an officer upon my arrival to the joint. The delivery guy was nice enough to give me a ride home. Good food, good people. OHOP will forever hold a special place in my heart..– Cush

” Considering that Athens, GA is one of the greatest college towns on Earth, I have to say there’s plenty to miss about living there. Luckily, I only live about an hour away and have season football tickets, so I make sure I make the holy pilgrimage every fall to relive at least some semblance of what I was able to enjoy in my college years. The keggers, bar hopping, restaurants and dining halls, Lost Weekend, hanging out with my college friends, and my uncanny ability to rebound from a deathly hangover are all things I’ll miss about Athens, and I can still experience some of these in the fall, but the thing I actually miss most about Athens has nothing to do with the social aspect of things. The thing I miss the most is the newness of experiencing campus for the first time. I miss the feeling of excitement when you walk into a very interesting class and pick out a seat next to the most attractive girl in there. Just to borrow her notes, of course. The feeling of always learning something new and having a great teacher actually keep your interest. Office hours, coffee bingeing and napping at the Miller Learning Center, dodging the arch, and walking around our beautiful campus. The college aspects of college are the underrated college experiences, and Athens and UGA did me right.– 5 O’Clock Shadow

Twosdays at Tres Gringos Cantina. Every Tuesday, what is normally an extremely shady and ghetto bar was filled with hundreds of college kids getting absolutely shitfaced off $2 drinks. There were girls dancing on tables, people doing body shots, and the bartenders would get up on the bar and just pour tequila onto the crowd. Exactly the kind of ratchet, rowdy environment I thrive in. One time I hopped the bar, told the bartender (who I was hooking up with) to take a seat, and proceeded to pour my friends the shittiest gin and tonics ever made. She got written up by management and I was never even charged. I miss college.– Nick_Arcadia

Every Thursday there was a bar that did something called “Burgerrama” starting at 2:00 PM. Pitchers of Coors Light for three dollars and really shitty cheeseburgers for one dollar. It was disgusting, violent, and beautiful. — JohnnyD

Ruining Bryson Tiller’s song “Exchange” with way too many “Is you at Two Keys or Tin Roof?” Snapchats while in between the bars Two Keys and Tin Roof in Lexington. Profound stuff, I know. — Intern Evan

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The artist formerly known as Crash Davis. My kid doesn't think I'm funny.

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