Writers’ Roundtable: Ideal Vacay Spot?

Writers' Roundtable: Ideal Vacay Spot?

Like most of you in the workforce, we’re all still reeling from Memorial Day weekend vacations. Sunburn, hangovers, wounded bank accounts, etc. But everyone needs a nice vacation in their life from time to time. Our writers sum up what they feel is the best use of their PTO:

The ideal vacation has sunshine, lots of booze and a relaxed environment. None of that Disney buillshit where you need a vacation afterwards. My favorite place is in the Outer Banks. Swim all day, grill all night and enjoy the beach.– MadoffInvestment

Gotta go lake here. I get to participate in all my favorite activities with my favorite people. I get to drive my boat. The vibes at the lake reach the ultimate level of chill. Favorites? Anna, Smith Mountain, Norman, Deep Creek. — Delph

I pack 30 of my closest friends (and strippers) into a Bombardier Global private jet to celebrate my birthday for 47 straight hours by staying ahead of the timezones. 26 hours into the trip, the place crashes somewhere in the south pacific because one of my idiot friends, in a desperate attempt to show off to the stripper that he claims “has fallen in love with him,” had wrestled the controls away from the pilot. We load all the people and booze into the life rafts and set off for the coast in the distance, which turns out to be an uninhabited island. We rage on this island for a week until, minutes after the last of the booze is finished, a passing cruise liner picks us up and immediately transports us to the buffet to recover. Also, the captain of the cruise ship uses his powers to marry my friend and the stripper, and he regrets it for the rest of his life. Hilarious.– Nick_Arcadia

I’m a huge believer in a cruise being the greatest vacation. It’s got all you can drink, all you can eat, beaches, gambling, and stuff to do 24/7. You can chill by the pool, get on a hot craps table, and go see a Vegas-style show all on the same ship. Can’t beat a week at sea.– Kyle Bandujo

100% gotta go with a ski trip. I’m partial to Wolf Creek, CO, but that’s just me. Have you ever stood at the top of a mountain on a freshly waxed pair of skis with “Midnight City” by M83 blaring inside your helmet? There is no better feeling than flying down a blindingly white mountainside all day and grubbing on cheeseburgers and local brews at the lodge on the peak. My ideal trip involves waking up to some Bloodies every morning, shredding the gnar from lift open to close while rocking neon ski gear like a total asshole, followed by a bougie après ski involving a hot tub and multiple bottles of champs. Who’s with me?– Taylor Stovall

My ideal vaca combines the beach and a few adventures. Do some extreme shit like the time I volcano boarded down the Cerro Negro in Nicarague, then end up sipping a nearly frozen bear on some secluded beach with pristine water. Australia and South Africa come to mind. Improper Brostonian

One word: funtivities. Any vacation I’m a part of needs to have a variety of fun activities for me to participate in. Like a highly radioactive core, my energies need to be focused properly or I’ll go all Chernobyl on your ass. While I prefer outdoor and physical activities, I won’t turn my nose up at a solid museum or historical site. Learning is a funtivity, too. My personal dream vacation right now is skiing in Hokkaido, Japan, so take that for what it’s worth.– Icehouse

Baker’s Bay. I went there vicariously a few weeks ago via Snapchat, and now all I want to do is play a 5 star course in a floral patterned bathing suit. — Dave

I always categorize vacations into two separate columns: chill vacations and partying vacations. This is going to get a little humble-braggy, so if you would like to go on not hating me I’d recommend skipping this one. Anyway, I live in a popular vacation spot, which makes every weekend feel like a party vacation. Since party vacationing comes with the territory for me right now (and I realize it must end if I ever want to get serious about my career/live past 35), I don’t really leave town for the purpose of partying. Chill vacations, though? All about it. I love going to the mountains (the Sierras are my go-to) and staying in cabins at least 2 miles away from the nearest human. Give me a jigsaw puzzle, a fireplace, a mug of tea, and a wool blanket and I will have such a great time I’ll go dark on Snapchat for the entire weekend. — Best

As much as I love Glacier National Park, I’ve been dying to do Highway 1 in California, specifically San Luis Obispo and the Central Coast. Those beaches and towns seem like the best-kept secret to West Coast tourism. Hopefully future bae enjoys wine-tasting and rad Pacific sunsets. — Intern Evan

Got any questions for our writers? Drop ’em in the comments and maybe we’ll get around to answering them.

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Kyle Bandujo

The artist formerly known as Crash Davis. My kid doesn't think I'm funny.

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