Writers’ Roundtable: Favorite Sports Movie

Writers' Roundtable: Favorite Sports Movie

Sports movies make us laugh, they make us cry, and they make us believe in dreams. If you don’t like a good sports movie then frankly I don’t like you. Hollywood seems to agree since they keep cranking them out. While there are some sports film swing and misses (Looking at you Trouble With The Curve), the all-time greats make up for it. Our writers weigh in on which sports movie is the one for them.

Favorite sports movie? Dodgeball. Featuring Ben Stiller in a role similar to Uncle Tony Perkis of Heavyweights, this movie was quoted by everyone when it dropped. It inspired a brief comeback of adult league dodgeball, had some sweet cameos (thank you, Chuck Norris) and great one liners. Its one of those movies when its one TV, you’ll put it on and watch it half assed. — MadoffInvestment

Days of Thunder. Duh. Tom Cruise in his early years combined with the sport on earth? Count me in for a pure classic. —Delph

Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone. Not only does Harry make history by being one of the youngest players to ever to make the quidditch squad in 100 years, at the age of eleven, but he goes on to be a key player in the match against Slytherin. He makes an amazing grab of the golden snitch leaping off his broom, nearly choking on it in the process, but winning them the match. Noting that he did all of this while being hexed by Professor Quirrell. Harry went on to win the cup with his team two seasons later in 1993-1994 school year during the Prisoner of Azkaban. — PostGradShibby

You’re a goddamn lollygagger if you think I’m picking anything but Bull Durham. If you haven’t seen it I’m going to have to come bless you with a live rooster because you’re in a massive sports movie slump. Un-jam your eyelids and go watch Crash Davis spit life lessons meat.– Kyle Bandujo

For me, picking ONE sports movie is so difficult. Field of Dreams is incredible, but that’s not JUST a sports movie. It’s so much deeper, and not picking it is impossible. But I’m not picking it. Varsity Blues is something I’ve bonded over enthusiastic my fiends for years, and if I didn’t say that they’d kill me. Well kill me cuz I ain’t picking it. I guess if I had to take one with me to my grave it would be Vision Quest. An 80s movie about wresting with a sick sound track, an epic speech (“it’s not just six minutes), and one young man on a mission to take on the best in the state. It’s a great coming of age story and the ending is incredible.–Improper Brostonian

The Sandlot, no question. I watched this movie so many times throughout my childhood that I ruined the VHS tape. Admittedly, I had a crush on Benny the Jet (for obvious reasons; could YOU pickle the Beast? I didn’t think so) and still think L-7 Weenie is one of the worst insults you can call a person. Anyone know where I can get a fresh pair of PF Flyers? Trying to outrun my student loans.–Taylor Stovall

He Got Game is the finest sports movie ever made. Spike Lee is an obnoxious jackass, but he gets an eternal pass from me for making this movie. Not only is the story fantastic, but the actual sport played in the movie is unparalleled (Denzel’s broke ass shot notwithstanding). He Got Game stars Ray Allen and features several other NBA players like Travis Best, Walter McCarty and Rick Fox. To round out the perfection, Public Enemy did the soundtrack. Big Time Willie is my spirit animal. — Icehouse

Has to be Wall Street. No movie has ever pulled the curtain back on real business like Wall Street, and everyone knows business is a sport. — Dave

This is a really tough call because there are so many that I like, but I’m going to go with Rudy. Football is by far my favorite sport, and when you pair it with an inspirational story, I’m all in. BTW, if you don’t cry at least 3 times during this movie, I firmly believe you don’t have a soul. I mean, the scene when players come in and lay down their shirts on Couch Devine’s desk and say that they want Rudy to dress in their place? Tears. Every. Single. Time. — 2NOTBrokeGirls

White Men Can’t Jump: The #1 sports trash talk movie: “I’ll tell you what. Why don’t we take all these bricks and build a shelter for the homeless, so maybe your mother will have a place to stay.” It also gave us some all time early 90’s sideboob action with Rosie Perez. As a white boy who could jump back in the day, Billy Hoyle and his tie-dyed hat was an inspiration to everyone else except me.– JR Hickey

Caddyshack – an undisputed classic for anyone who’s ever picked up a club. “How about a Fresca?”– John Duda

Gotta go with Angels in the Outfield, for a number of reasons. First, I grew up a California/Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels (of Anaheim) fan, so automatic points there. Second, it introduced me to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who would go on to be the subject of many a teenage daydream. Finally, it was the only movie they were willing to show in my elementary school religion classes. When I first watched it, I told my parents I wanted to be a foster kid. I had no idea what it actually meant, all I knew was Roger and J.P. were the tightest of the tight, Maggie was the chillest of the chill, and I wanted a piece of that life. Still, it must have really warmed their hearts to hear their child say she wished to no longer be under their custody. — Best

The Sandlot literally defined my childhood. When you’re seven years old, you only know how to love the things that are presented to you — whether it be by your parents, your teacher, or what have you. When my friend’s mom popped in The Sandlot VHS during a boring after-school playdate in first grade, I experienced enlightenment for the first time, and truly learned what it meant to love something larger than yourself. I was lucky enough to be able to live that idyllic all-American childhood for the following six summers, and I have that random VHS to thank for showing me the light. — Intern Evan

Would I even like sports if it wasn’t for The Mighty Ducks trilogy? Probably. But still, I wouldn’t have been able to rank every player by sheer memory if I didn’t absolutely love the movies as a whole. — Will deFries

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